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The Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator runs so quietly you will forget that you are aerating your bait. This compact aerator features a whisper quit motor that runs efficiently at a low volume. Frabill also utilized a special micro bubble oxygen diffuser that produces clouds of tiny bubbles. The smaller more numerous bubbles more readily mix as they collide and dispense throughout the entire water column. The smaller bubbles are less damaging to fragile baitfish in smaller bait containers. The Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator effectively aerates up to 20 gallons of water.

Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator instantly converts ordinary bait containers, plastic pails, and coolers into aerated baitwells.

Features of the Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator include:

  • Anti-siphon check valve
  • 30 inch non-kink air hose
  • Micro bubble diffuser
  • Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips
  • Power efficient - draws only three watts
  • UL approved

Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator
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United States
Novice Angler
 works great
Pros: works well, quiet, affordable
Best Uses: small short term minnow storage
Comments: This thing works much better than that Mr. Bubbles crap. I can keep minnows in a 5gal gatorade cooler with this thing on for more than a month! Perfect size, quiet, and doesn't require batteries.
Erie, Pa
Advanced Angler
 Frabill Aqua-Life 110v aerator
Pros: saves bait, quiet, lots of aeration
Cons: None so far
Comments: I bought this recently and it works great. I catch my own minnows and keep them alive in the garage between trips. They stay healthy and lively for days.
United States
 bait saver
Pros: saves bait
Cons: a little loud
Comments: when you have lots of minnows and dont plan to fish for a couple of days, they need oxygen and fresh water. this helps keep them alive.
Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator
Comments: Aerator is quiet and functions very well.
lindsay on ca
 love this
Pros: powerful
Cons: hose is a littel short for my use
Best Uses: 4 rain barrles
Comments: i keep 2500 minnows and they are heatly with the Frabill Aqua-Life 110 Volt Aerator I love it.
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