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Fox Hair is a very versatile material for tying flies. These pieces feature longer guard hairs with lots of underfur. The underfur makes for great dubbing on salmon fly bodies and numerous nymphs. The longer guard hairs are great for tailing material and winging material on streamers, salmon flies and dry flies. Fox Hair used to tie many dry fly patterns, including the well known Hendrickson family of flies.

Fox Hair features fine tips, and doesn't flair much when tied onto the hook.

We offer Fox Hair in the three colors. Each package contains approximately 2-3 square inches of material.

This is a natural product so there is some minor variation in color from piece to piece.

Customer Reviews
Eastern Nova Scotia Canada
 Great substitute for other materials
Pros: Color choice, Nice length hairs for salmon wings
Best Uses: Wet salmon fly wings, Dry fly tails
Comments: Nice color selection. Scraps and waste material makes great dubbing.
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