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Fly Tying Made Easy For Beginners by Randall Kaufmann

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Item #: F96039171

Fly Tying Made Easy For Beginners, by Randall Kaufmann, features explicit detail on simple and efficient tying methods.

Constructing a perfect fly quickly is the name of the game, and this is what Randall shows you in explicit detail in this book. With this book, "anyone can tie a perfect fly the first time". Fly Tying Made Easy For Beginners is guaranteed to help beginning or struggling tyers with helpful tips and techniques. Even more advanced tyers are sure to find helpful information in this book, whether it be in the techniques section or in the pattern directory.

Five hundred concise macro photos take you step-by-step through 28 demonstration flies in logical sequence, leaving nothing to the imagination. The steps covered in the demonstration patterns can then be used to tie endless patterns. Fly Tying Made Easy For Beginners explains the terminology often used when describing techniques and patterns. There are 20 chapters in all, describing techniques and various patterns that represent many productive and frequently fished flies throughout the fishing world. The pattern directory contains "recipes" for 36 additional patterns that cover a wide array of applications.

Fly Tying Made Easy For Beginners is available in a soft cover and is 80 pages. Copyright 2002.

About the Author

Randall Kaufmann is a leading authority on flies, fly tying and fly fishing. He has authored several books and tied over 250,000 flies commercially. Many of Randall's patterns have become favorites throughout the fishing world. His innovative and unique tying techniques have helped set the standard for commercial operations.

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