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Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods


Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods, "the world's original graphite rods", have been redesigned with a cross-scrim graphite blank construction. Utilizing overlapping layers of carbon fiber, the cross-scrim design achieves exceptional strength and action. These rods feature a lightweight, strong and durable guide system and handles with TAC strategically placed for added comfort and performance in all weather. This new HMX series is the best one yet.

Features of Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods include:

  • Cross-Scrim graphite construction
  • Strategically placed TAC and cork handle
  • Lightweight guides with stainless steel frames
  • Titanium oxide inserts

Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods
HMX-S53L-M5' 3"LightModerate2 - 81/16 - 3/81A
HMX-S562UL-MF5' 6"Ultra LightMod. Fast1 - 61/32 - 1/42A
HMX-S602L-MF6' 0"LightMod. Fast2 - 81/16 - 3/82A
HMX-S60M-F6' 0"MediumFast4 - 121/8 - 3/41A
HMX-S60ML-M6' 0"Med. LightModerate4 - 101/8 - 5/81A
HMX-S662L-M6' 6"LightModerate2 - 81/16 - 3/82B
HMX-S66ML-F6' 6"Med. LightFast4 - 101/8 - 5/81B
HMX-S66M-F6' 6"MediumFast4 - 121/8 - 3/41B
HMX-S662ML-MF6' 6"Med. LightMod. Fast4 - 101/8 - 5/82B
HMX-S662M-F6' 6"MediumFast4 - 121/8 - 3/42B
HMX-S662MH-F6' 6"Med. HeavyFast8 - 171/4 - 12B
HMX-S610MH-F6' 10"Med. HeavyFast8 - 171/4 - 11B
HMX-S70ML-F7' 0"Med. LightFast4 - 101/8 - 5/81B
HMX-S70M-F7' 0"MediumFast4 - 121/8 - 3/41B
HMX-S702M-XF7' 0"MediumX-Fast4 - 121/8 - 3/42B
HMX-S762L-F7' 6"LightFast2 - 81/16 - 3/82B

Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods
AFenwick HMX Spinning Rod Handle A
BFenwick HMX Spinning Rod Handle B
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Customer Reviews
West Virginia
 Great rod
Pros: Great sensitivity
Comments: I now own a few of these rods and again for the price I think these are the best rods made. Great sensitivity and plenty of power. Get yourself one if you have not already. As always a great thanks to fishusa for greàt service.
West Virginia
 Great rod for the price
Pros: Great sensitivity, light weight
Comments: For the price I feel that this is the best rod you can purchase. Of course you can spend a lot of money on other rods but these rods are just as good as the really expensive rods. Of course I have to thank fishusa for such great service and fast shipment.
Spinner magic
 Great Rod
Pros: light weight, tough, sensitive, good backbone
Cons: handle could be thinner
Comments: I have the 6' L 2-8. I fish mostly trout and I prefer this to an UL because it has the beef to fight larger fish yet it is still sensitive. Also, this is one tough rod, it's very similar to my Browning Medallion (this is just less flimsy) it can take a beating. The handle is good, though I wish it was slightly thinner to reduce fatigue but overall, very good.
West Virginia
 Hmx rods awesome
Pros: Great sensitivity
Comments: First off just let me say fishusa is great and the shipping is fast. Now the hmx rods in my opinion are the best rods for the price. The sensitivity in these rods are great and they have the backbone to haul in the big boys. You could spend hundreds on the St. Croix or G. Loomis rods but the hmx rods are just as good so why waste your money. Great rods from Fenwick!!!
Excellent Spinning Rods
Comments: I purchased the 5' 3" one piece light spinning model. It has a moderate action which is what I was looking for. I like a rod that has a little give but is still sensitive. It's landed everything from small fish to 10 or 12lb. fish and I've never broken my line once fishing with 6 and 8lb. test line. The big fish were carp that took a lure. A true test of a light action rod. I also purchased the 6' one piece medium spinning model. It has a fast action. Both rods are high quality and I see no need to purchase higher priced rods. I like the way Fenwick describes their rods and action's. Very accurate. These are the first Fenwick rods I've owned after fishing since 1950 something as a kid. I sure missed out picking their products.
Southern California
Pros: looks and power
Cons: weight
Comments: I have owned a Fenwick HMX 6'6" ML spinning rod for years and it has by far been the best rod I have ever owned. However, the time came to purchase a new rod so I decided the same model, but new would be a no brainer. I have used this rod four times already and have to be honest I have mixed reviews. I jumped up to a 7' ML rod so I'm not sure if this is playing a larger role in my decision. The new model is fairly heavy especially in comparison to my older model. The cork is a bit bulky too, with that said the rod looks great and has great sensitivity. There is more muscle on this rod, which is good for larger fish, but not always good when finesse fishing. For the price I paid through this website I am overall happy with this rod. Had I paid more I would be less impressed. Weight of the rod is my biggest complaint.
Gone Fishing
Avid Angler
 Excellent design, Craftmanship, and Feel
Pros: Quality, value and feel
Best Uses: I fish Crappie and Bass
Comments: I began fishing again after several years lay off. My brother purchased a vintage utility boat. I have an old spun glass Daiwa spinning rod ML-F that I used for Great Lakes fishing. I accidentally ran across Fenwick rods after researching graphite rod making and they appeared to have good value at a very reasonable price. I was not disappointed and was amazed with the feel, casting accuracy and quality of this spinning rod.
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