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Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods


Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods are all-around spinning rods designed for a variety of fish species. Choose from a wide range of lengths and power levels from ultra-light to medium-heavy. Eagle Spinning Rods come in actions tailored to various applications, making them great for beginning or seasoned anglers.

Eagle Spinning Rods have been redesigned with modern components and lightweight comfortable designs, yet still retain the tradition that angler's have come to know from the Eagle series of rods. Over 60 years of rod-making knowledge have gone into developing these Eagle Spinning Rods to provide time-tested and proven actions for all species.

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods provide classic Fenwick performance at an entry level price. B2 burled cork designs provide the feel of traditional cork, yet is more chip resistant and durable. Stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts are lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant. Soft, sensitive tips detect even the slightest takes, while powerful butt sections help gain an advantage over any fish.

Features of Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods include:

  • B2 burled cork handles
  • Stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts
  • Graphite blank
  • Powerful, rubber butt section
  • Soft, sensitive tips
  • Blank-through-handle construction
Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods
EA56UL-MS-25' 6"2Ultra LightModerate1 - 61/32 - 1/4
EA60L-MS-26' 0"2LightModerate2 - 81/16 - 3/8
EA60ML-MFS6' 0"1Med. LightMod. Fast4 - 101/8 - 5/8
EA60M-MFS6' 0"1MediumMod. Fast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA60M-MFS-26' 0"2MediumMod. Fast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA66L-MS-26' 6"2LightModerate2 - 81/16 - 3/8
EA66ML-FS6' 6"1Med. LightFast4 - 101/8 - 5/8
EA66M-FS6' 6"1MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA66M-FS-26' 6"2MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA66MH-FS6' 6"1Med. HeavyFast8 - 171/4 - 1
EA66MH-FS-26' 6"2Med. HeavyFast8 - 171/4 - 1
EA70UL-MS-27' 0"2Ultra LightModerate1 - 61/32 - 1/4
EA70ML-MFS7' 0"1Med. LightMod. Fast4 - 101/8 - 5/8
EA70ML-MFS-27' 0"2Med. LightMod. Fast4 - 101/8 - 5/8
EA70M-FS7' 0"1MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA70M-FS-27' 0"2MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/4
EA70MH-FS7' 0"1Med. HeavyFast8 - 171/4 - 1
EA76UL-MS-27' 6"2Ultra LightModerate1 - 61/32 - 1/4
EA80UL-MS-28' 0"2Ultra LightModerate1 - 61/32 - 1/4
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Best Uses

Customer Reviews
Big Ben
Eastern Oregon, USA
Novice Angler
8 foot Jigging/Casting U/L Specialist
Pros: light, sencsitive, durable blank
Cons: cheap guides
Best Uses: deep jigging, light tackle, long casting
Comments: I have the 8 foot U/L and believe that it is the best deep water jigging rod I own. Later winter and early spring the crappie and perch are in 40 to 80 foot of water and I can sense the slightest nibble. Caught over 100 fish last week end when others weren't able to feel the bite. I tried my $150 buck panfish special from another company and couldn't feel the bite near as well. Put some decent guides on this rod and it would be a barn burner.
Wichita, Kansas
 Beautiful rod
Pros: Nice action
Best Uses: Trout and small fish
Comments: I bought this Fenwick rod (8'UL) for trout fishing and just love it. Exellent action and can cast 1/8 oz. lures way out there on 4lb. line. Very well made beautiful rod, Fenwick all the way. Try one and you won't be disappointed.
Central Texas
 Fenwick price- point Winner
Pros: Value for price
Best Uses: Light tackle
Comments: I purchased a 6'6" one piece medium light fast action. I am impressed. The blank is favorite on-stream color. The action is exactly as described. The rod is teamed with a Shimano 2500 Sienna ( great drag smoothness) and 6# line. Targets are stream largemouth and spotted bass. Lures are small waters, 4' plastics. small Rapalas. The rod is perfectly suited and an excellent value. I even like the new "Burled cork " grip- not a fan of foam. If you are looking for a rod in this price range ... I give the new Fenwick Eagle.... 5 Stars !
Sacramento, CA
Quality rods with one problem... (from prior model)
Pros: Light, Feel and response, Price
Cons: Durability
Comments: I owned three of these rods in ultralight, light, and medium powers... In my opinion, look, balance, sensitivity, and feel were great. The 6' 6" light action casts and fishes more like an ultralight, tossing 1/64 ounce trout magnets and weightless mealworms on a no. 10 hook with ease. Great all around trout/panfish rod. I personally like the handle design and look of these rods... Soft tip to protect light line and plenty of backbone to land big fish! There is only one problem... After fishing extensively with each and fighting big fish, the cheap stainless guide inserts grooved up. These can be replaced with lightweight aluminum oxide or SIC guides. The tip top goes first... That being said, the blanks are very durable for graphite and can take some abuse. Despite different look and handle, the new rods will probably have similar issues. Not much of an issue if you only take them out a few times per season or proficient at DIY rod repair. I would only replace the tip top and a few other guides as needed to preserve sensitivity and balance.
Lewiston, Idaho..
 Very Best Small mouth rod ever built (from prior model)
Comments: Fenwick has been making this particular pole for many years and it is one of a kind. It has a lightning fast tip with a power setting butt section. I owned this rod many years ago and was delighted to find that Fenwick still had it in their line up. If you are in need of a great jig rod to add to your arsenal I highly recommend this 5' 9" pole by Fenwick. You cannot find another pole of this length and feel in any other manufacturers pole selections. Once you fish with it you will never put it down and will most certainly retire a few of your other poles. I have fished small mouth bass for over 40years and have never found a better fishing pole.for them. You will definitely miss out without it.
Novice Angler
 Great rod (from prior model)
Pros: Feel and response
Comments: This is my second Fenwick Eagle GT and I love them. I have a light and med. light. Their super responsive, great feel, and super smooth casting. I've only taken out the ML once, and caught a couple of trout, this is a great trout fighting rod. Would recomend this to anyone who is looking for a great rod at a great price.
NE Ohio
 Excellent rod (from prior model)
Pros: quality, price
Comments: This is my second GT and both are very good quality rods at affordable pricing. Hard to beat,
 Great Rod (combined with Penn Battle 2000) (from prior model)
Pros: Weight / Action
Comments: Great rod with great action! I will be buying another in the near future for my backup setup.
Great Light Weight Rod (from prior model)
Comments: Very pleased with this rod
Customer Questions and Answers
Ask a Question
How long is the handle on the EA70UL-MS-2?
October 12, 2015
  -   (0) / (0) :
The Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod, 7'0", UL, 2pc (EA70UL-MS-2) has a handle length of approximately 13 3/8" from the butt to where it terminates on the blank.
October 13, 2015
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