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Expedition Propane Tank Warmer

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Item #: F943600000
This Product is out for the season. Please check back in October.

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The Expedition Propane Tank Warmer increases the life of the propane in your tank by up to 35%. As propane tanks begin to freeze or lower in gas capacity, up to 35% of the propane remains unusable unless placed in a warm environment.

The Expedition Propane Tank Warmer keeps your tank warmer longer and helps maintain its current temp for longer periods of time. You can even insert a hand warmer under the warmer to further prolong the life of the tank. When a propane tank cools the gas in the tank condenses, in-turn is used faster. By insulating the tank and keeping it warmer the gas does not condense, thus lasts longer.

Features of the Expedition Propane Tank Warmer include:

  • 4mm of HRI - Heat Retention Insualtion inner core retains the heat
  • 3mm of neoprene seals the insulation and adds warmth protection
  • Smooth inside tricot material permits easy on - easy off
  • Testing has shown a tank at ambient temperatures of 74 degrees stayed warm to a core level of 33 degrees, 2.5 hours later in 10 degree outdoor temps
  • Perfect for ice fishing, duck-deer-turkey blinds and camping
  • Eliminates travel noise


Tank in image is for demonstrational purpose only and does not come with this product.


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