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The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is a tungsten jig that drops fast through the water column to reach the targeted depth quickly. The aggressive darting action when jigged is designed to lure in aggressive fish. This jig features an ultra sharp premium hook, small size to weight ratio, and reads well on depth finders. The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is safe for the environment and since tungsten is heavier than lead by size, this jig punches through slush and weeds with ease.

The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is painted with Power Glow paint that will glow for 2 hours and illuminate for up to 5 hours with just 15 minutes of LED or sunlight. This jig fishes best when tipped with either live bait or small soft plastics.

Features of the Expedition Alien Grub Jig include:

  • 2 Lures per Pack
  • True Hook Sizes
  • 97.8% Pure Tungsten
  • Size 10 jigs weigh 1/16 oz.
  • Size 12 jigs weigh 1/32 oz.


Favorite Waxy Jighead
About Me:
This jig has blown every other jig I have used out of the water. I got the #12 pink one and I just love it. So do perch, crappie, bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed! It gets down quick and catches fish. Waxies make this a deadly package. On hard water, this is my #1 jig.
Pros: Quick Decent, Heavy, Dense, Bright Glow, Sharp Hook
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: Panfish & Small Bass
Great jigs!
Erie, PA
About Me:
Not Specified
I love these little things. I cannot believe how well they work. I like to put a plastic tail on the and the action is crazy!
Pros: Great Action
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: None Specified
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