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Eskimo Mako Series Power Augers are packed full of high performance features guaranteed to take the work out of your next trip onto the ice. Mako's powerful 43cc Viper engine is the most technologically advanced high performance engine available. The engineers at Eskimo have taken these 8,000 rpm plus engines and precisely balanced the speed and power to help create the ultimate in power augers.

Mako Series Power Augers also features Eskimo's durable and long lasting Quantum blades. These dual stainless steel blades combined with the centering point deliver unmatched drilling speed and precision.

Features of Eskimo Mako Series Power Augers include:

  • High performance 1.8 horsepower 43cc Viper engine
  • 30:1 gear ratio
  • Primer button for quick response starting
  • Extra large recoil handle allows you to start engine with gloves or mittens on
  • See-through gas tank for easy gas level detection
  • Muffler guard to protect you from hot areas
  • Comfortable anti-vibration grip handle bar with finger tip throttle
  • Dual stainless steel Quantum blades
  • Industry leading tough powder coated finish
  • Blade guard included
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty
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Easy To Maintain (3)
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Functional (2)
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Ice Fishing (5)

Customer Reviews
Ice Fishing 2012
Lake St. Clair, MI
Great Control & Punch!
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Durable
Cons: Poor Design
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I thought I received what I paid for - It does the job and I find that it's pretty easy to use for a beginner. Has good control and it is easy to bring out on the ice - it was referred to me from [@]
Buffalo, NY
A great auger at a great price
Pros: Durable, Dependable, Easy To Maintain, Solid
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: First of all- read all the reviews. You'll get a sense for those that know how to use a motorized piece of equipment and those that should stick to hand augers. This unit starts quickly. In 15ยบ weather and 20kt. winds it started on the second or third pull on its first time out of the box. I propped it up against the Jeep as I unloaded at a new spot, it slid down the side of the Cherokee and hit the ground- twice (slow learner). After that abuse, I got to my spot and it started first pull. Its a great auger. The fuel cap is special- it has a rubber gasket and screw vent. You open the vent to use- you close when you're done. It will likely leak fuel and flood the carb if you don't close the vent when you sled it. The starter coil- if you don't give a full pull, it doesn't recoil. There isn't a problem with it- its so it doesn't rip the handle out of your hand. If this happens, grab the rope, slowly pull it all out, it will recoil back in. I usually go a little heavy on the 2-stroke oil for the first tank. New engines usually seat better and more lube is better than less in my opine. Blades are wicked sharp- my snowsuit was no match when I was taking off the plastic cover plate. Do not push down!! Let the machine do its job. It will rip through the ice fast at about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Never needed full throttle, its got power. I can say that this auger is so worth the money, I'm very happy. Take care of it, follow the manual and you'll be very satisfied. USE FRESH WINTER GAS- not from your weed-whacker!
Ralph Walleye Ericks
Siren ,Wisconsin
Great Ice auger
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Ive had Strikemaster,jiffy, and eskimo augers. The Eskimo auger topped them all. Always starts by the second pull. Runs smooth. It also has the rugged viper engine. The other two augers are wanna bees. I'm out on the ice alot,and need a dependable auger. It,s the Eskimo for sure...
New Richland, MN
Not real impressed...
Pros: Lightweight, Easy To Use
Cons: Poor Design
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: The auger did not stand up to the elements. Since day 1 it leaked fuel like crazy and seemed to bog slightly in real cold conditions. Took into a small engine shop and they said something was wrong with the Carb and would cost over $100 to fix.
Birchwood, WI
 I'm Sold
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Lightweight, Great Design, Versatile
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I origionaly wanted a strikemaster, my dad was talking to a guy that had one and his brother had an eskimo, he said the eskimo would outdo the strikemaster any day. I got the Eskimo mako 10", it works awesome, starts first pull every time, the 2 blade is fast, even for a 10". The 43cc, 1.8 hp engine handles thick, hard ice no problem, plenty of power. Good on gas too, easily 150-200 holes per tank.
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