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The Eagle Claw Trout Net with Retractable Cord features a sturdy aluminum frame, molded grip, and metal snap clip. Net color is green.

Eagle Claw Trout Net with Retractable Cord net opening is 15 x 11 x 19 inches.

Customer Reviews
United States
Avid Angler
 great net for the price
Pros: retractable clip-on cord
Comments: I bought this due to the retractable elastic cord and like how it is designed. Anxious to use it and will clip it on to my waders or vest so it is right along my side.
Not a bad net
Pros: Sturdy, Well made
Cons: Can't fit a 36' muskie in it
Comments: The net was cheap and I'm cheap, so we got along great until it went to the bottom of the lake. I'm gonna get another one this spring - I haven't found anything else this good and cheap.
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