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Eagle Claw Slab Stopper Spring Bobbers indicate even the lightest bites. These Spring Bobbers fit into the tip top guides on ice fishing rods. The foam ends provide a custom fit in a wide range of tip top sizes.

Each package of Slab Stopper Spring Bobbers includes a small, medium, and large spring bobber.

Simple and Sensitive Bite Indicator
Volant, PA
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I have been using this style of spring bobber for several years and have found them to be extremely effective for detecting the lightest bites. They are best used for panfishing on days when the temperature is above freezing or any day inside your shanty or pop-up shelter, because they do freeze up quite easily in cold weather. One of the 3 sizes will fit most rod any ice rod you may have, but they can be trimmed with a blade for a custom fit. For the price, this is a bargain. Pre rig these at home to avoid difficulties threading the line through the spring coils in frigid conditions.
Pros: Sensitive, Inexpensive
Cons: Freeze up easily
Best Uses: Ice fishing