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Eagle Claw Safety Ice Picks are designed as a safety tool to be accessed quickly if you fall through the ice. The stretchable cord connects the two retractable, hand-held spikes. The spikes are only activated with downward pressure, when needed.

If you should happen to break through the ice, Eagle Claw Safety Ice Picks are used to dig into the ice and pull yourself out of the freezing water.

Customer Reviews
Safety first
 Ice Picks
Pros: As described
Best Uses: For safety
Comments: We ordered the ice picks for use on our daily walks on a frozen lake after having fallen through the ice and getting ourselves out without any such aid. We decided we ought to have them. We have not had to use them since obtaining them, thank heavens, but are certain they will be helpful. The pick end fits into the other handle when carried around one's neck, so one doesn't need to worry about jabbing oneself with a sharp pick when not in use. It's worn like a necklace! Also, always wear wool or fleece, not cotton!
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