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Eagle Claw Level Line Leader Links

Eagle Claw Logo Eagle Claw Level Line Leader Links are easy to use line-to-leader connectors. This size handles the popular size level lines. These Leader Links are smaller in diameter than most splices, loops and nail knots, and they add simplicity and speed to changing lines.

Eagle Claw Level Line Leader Links are constructed of smooth, strong, lightweight plastic.

These come in packs of 5 leader links.



Customer Reviews
Pacific Northwest
 These make a decent quick-release bobber stop
Pros: Small, effective
Best Uses: Probably as leader connectores, but they work as bobber stoppers, too
Comments: It's not what they're designed to do although there are teeny-tiny instructions for using them as bobber stoppers printed on the packaging - magnifying glass not included. Ran into someone using them as bobber-stops and thought I'd try it. I'd give it mixed grades on the results, but I'm sure it's my lack of experience. Sometimes they didn't "lock" in position, but they can always be removed and re-positioned on the line, so you're not stuck with cutting the line to change the position of the bobber. Have not tried them as leaders-links, the task for which they are made.
Basalt, CO
 Leader LInks forever!!
Pros: Easy
Comments: I've fly fished for 45 years all over the world. I've used different nail knots, whipped loops, welded loops and perfection loops and always come back to this little gem. Dissed by most purists, they just plain work. They're fast, simple, don't hang up, and by playing with the kind of jam knot (I usually use a triple overhand depending on leader butt size) they don't fail. I just bought 60 so I now have a lifetime supply and some for friends.
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