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Eagle Claw Ice Fishing Slicker Jig Kit

The Eagle Claw Ice Fishing Slicker Jig Kit gives you an assortment of 1/64 oz. and 1/24 oz. non-lead jigs in various colors. This kit is perfect for catching crappies, bluegill, trout, perch, bass and walleye. It also makes a great gift.

The Eagle Claw Ice Fishing Slicker Jig Kit includes 15 lead free jigs. This kit is Eagle Claw model 15SLNL.

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Perfect Starter
About Me:
15 ice jigs for less than $4? Yes! Get them! They are actually very sharp and come in essential sizes/colors for panfish. Sure, it comes with four very large ice jigs which are completely impractical. Nevertheless, you get a great deal. All of these are vertical line ties, so get some jigs with horizontal ties and be set for ice jigs this season.
Pros: Sharp, Cheap, Good Colors
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
nice jigs
United States
About Me:
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A nice assortment of good jigs at a great price.
Pros: None Specified
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: None Specified
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