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For those "low and clear" days out on the stream, the Drennan Loafer Floats may be just the edge you need to be successful. The Drennan Loafer float is made of clear plastic with its shape allowing a clean strike with minimal disturbance at the surface of the water. This float is also popular for use in shallow fast flowing water.

We stock the Drennan Loafer floats in five sizes ranging in lengths from 3¼" to 5½" long. In addition to the length, each float is marked with a gram weight on the side. This weight is not the weight of the float itself, but rather the amount of weight in grams that the float will support. We carry four colors of caps for these floats, yellow, orange, flo. orange and flo. pink.

These are "loose" floats, meaning they do not come in a separate package. The rubber float caps used to attach the float to the fishing line are sold separately.

Drennan Loafer Float
ModelSizeWeight (g)Length (in.)
No. 11 Swan2.43 18
No. 24 12 AA3.63 34
No. 35 12 AA4.44 14
No. 44 Swan6.45
No. 55 Swan8.05 12
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Good For Variety Of Fish (11)
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Fresh Water (25)
Shore Casting (8)
Deep Water (5)
Steelhead (4)
Ice Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Will D.
Seattle WA.
 Drennan Loafer Float Review
Pros: Maximum sensitivity, Floats at the speed of current flow, Tracks accurately while drifting
Cons: Low visibility at greater distances
Best Uses: Steelhead float fishing
Comments: I tested this float on my home-water "The Skykomish River". The weather conditions were sunny, and the water was clear for winter. I own many Drennan floats and previously adopted the "Piker" as my all-around favorite. Until, I tried these "Loafer" floats. They are even more sensitive while drifting within the current! They prevail over any other float in lower and clearer water. This summer when I drop down to split-shot instead of in-line weighs with 1/32 oz. jigheads this float will shine. Less of a shadow producing profile, and perfectly clear makes this jig my new favorite.
Awesome steelhead floats
Pros: Durable, stealthy
Best Uses: Steelhead, Salmon
Comments: My favorite float for the Erie tribs. I prefer the #3 size most of the time.
 Best for centerpinning
Pros: Increadible sensitivity
Comments: Hands down, best centerpin float for steelhead. Small enough to not spook fish and floats true.
Bob Sterlin
Michigan City, Indiana
 The best steelhead float.
Pros: Float Fishing, excellent floats
Comments: This float is awesome. When fished properly and balanced properly they are the best on the market. The only drawback is that they are a little hard to see when making long drifts but that is a very minor problem. These floats work best in low and clear water like we have alot of time here out on Trail Creek Indiana and they work well in both slow and fast water as well.
 Best floats
Pros: Increadible sensitivity, Stealth, Durable
Best Uses: Great Lakes Float Fishing
Comments: Most durable plastic float I have used. does not break if you accidently hit a rock and you can detect even the lightest bite on the finicky Brown and rainbow trout in the great lakes.
 Drennan loafer float
Pros: Quiet invisible to fish
Best Uses: shore fishing
Comments: Well believe it or not I use these floats for carp fishing. sensitive enough so the fish does not feel anything, and probably almost invisible to the carps ! Great product.
United States
 Great Float!
Pros: excellent floats, Stealth
Best Uses: Steelhead
Comments: Work flawlessly on MI rivers
 Best float for catching fish
Pros: quiet, stealthy
Cons: rubber bands sometimes break
Best Uses: steelhead float fishing
Comments: Use these exclusively for steelhead float fishing in the Great Lakes region. They provide a very stealthy presentation, minimize resistance when bit, and I love them. Also provides very little surface noise when reeled back to shore. A must for steelhead float fishing here. They hold an amazing amount of weight for their size.
southern ontario
Pros: excellent floats, Quiet invisible to fish
Best Uses: Steelhead and browns
Comments: These are the only floats I use, great for steelhead! my son and I fish the Bayfield river in the fall and there are by far the best floats.
Northern Michigan
 Simply the best float
Pros: Durable, Stealth, Fishy
Best Uses: Steelhead, trout, Smaller sizes for Ice Fishing
Comments: The float that is simply the best for low clear water here in the midwest. It's a staple on my float rods all year long, until water gets big a dirty and I need to go heavier.
Rochester, NY
 great float
Pros: the best there is
Cons: a little pricey
Best Uses: Steelhead and browns
Comments: The 3.2 gram is my 'go to" for steelhead and browns. Excellent float!
Comments: I absolutely love these floats. i just really wish they made them in a 11 gram
western PA
 Awesome Floats
Pros: Track great
Best Uses: Pinning
Comments: These are my favorite floats for Steelhead.
western PA
 Great Floats
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Great for steelhead in the tribs.
JR  the trout man
Fairmont WV
 I would buy this product again and again
Pros: Easy To Store, Irresistible to Fish, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water
Comments: very easily to use. I would buy them all the time. I hope they keep them in stock. great for fising.
Comments: One of the bedt flostd
Chrome Catcher
steelhead alley
 Great for clear streams
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: When the steelhead tribs are low and clear this is the float you want to use!!
Cleveland, Ohio
 Best Darn Steelhead floats out there!!
Pros: Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing, Shore Casting
Comments: These floats offer little to no resistance to fish when the intial strike happens. I see a marked positive difference in the amount of hook sets when compared to other float types. Overall these are one of the best floats for steelhead fishing, hands down. There only downfall is visibility. If your vision is not so good I would recommend dipping the top of these floats in some more neon jig paint to give them a tad more visability.
del trotter
this is what you want
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: hooray these are the best floats in the world and dad doesnt have to send me more floats from england no more, for fishing small minnow livebaits slightly undershot the bigger sizes. perfect bite registrion when trotting nightcrawlers on a size 8 single hook hold the float back for a couple of seconds and the bait flutters enticingly upwards.use a long 13' rod and centre pin for best control. trout bass crappies and fall for it.shot accuratly with nighcrawler and smaller bait just the btight tip showing
NE Ohio
 Best on the Market
Pros: Easy to use
Comments: Must have product
chemteach2 aka
Beautiful downtown Pinson, AL
 loafer floats
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Increadible sensitivity, Just perfect for panfish
Cons: No faults that I know
Best Uses: Deep Water, Bottom fishing, Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: as a strike indicator while fishing on the bottom for bream, fixed depth for crappies
Eric Kol
Mpls, MN
 castable, sensitive, well made
Pros: Sensitive
Comments: I was first given the 8g float by a friend visiting from Europe. After the first use, float fishing for smallmouth buffalo in approx 10 fow with slight river current, i was sold on its ease of use and its sensitivity. I immediately ordered the rest of the sizes and have used them with great results in both stillwater and river applications. most recently used in a freshwater lake during a heavily chop, rigged as a slip float fishing the outside edges of lily pads for pumpkinseeds. I recommend a good set of shot, as proper shotting enables this float to shine.
Lower Burrell, PA
 The Dreaded Drennan Float
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Looks Realistic, Strong, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: I like being able to adjust the depth of my presentation with the Drennan Floats. I'm able to fish all segments of a Steelhead / trout stream with this float. I've increased my catch rate of Steelhead / Trout by 30%. Only problem I've experience is that I wish the top of the float was bigger or glowed sometimes it's hard to watch that top part of the float on the stream when a strike does happen.
Grady Traver
Keweenaw Peninsula
 Best floats for steelhead
Pros: Strong
Best Uses: Pinning
Comments: Great floats, strong, Easy to trot, I usually modify them.
N Versailles, PA
 nice design smooth drift
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Deep Water, Fresh Water
Comments: use for steel in erie works great with bobber stop great for adjusting to depth of fish
rochester, ny
Pros: Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Jigging, Fresh Water
Comments: These are GREAT floats. Nice visibility and they track very well. You won't be disappointed
ventura, ca
Professional Angler
 must have floats
Pros: Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: perfect for 1/8th oz steelie jigs. must have this float in collection. this is my go to for any river any color.
Buffalo, NY
 Drennan Loafer Floats
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Strong
Best Uses: Stream Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: Drennon Floats are by far the best floats out there.
Great Lakes, WI
 Stealth Float!
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This float is perfect for those quiet runs where you want the float to be invisible. Delicate, and quiet while landing, this is the perfect stealth float for trout, and other "spooky" fish!
 Great floats
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Comments: Best floats I have ever used. Wish they came with float caps. I use them for all my float needs.
Steelhead whacker
LaPorte IN.
Professional Angler
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: The best there is everyody should own one that fishes for steelhead or salmon bottom line FISH ON!!!!!!!!!
the fish whisperer
michigan city, in
Professional Angler
simply the best!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Irresistible to Fish, Easy To Store, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water
Comments: among all other floats, the blackbird, raven, sheffield, the drennan loafer is just simply the best and it is my favorite.
 killer,for jig fishing winter steelhead!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, A Jig fishing must
Cons: Expensive to loose
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Steelhead, Shore Casting
Comments: I bought four or five of them last winter Steelhead season and i will be buying more!They worked great for Jigs in low clear water.anyone fishing Lakecreek or Alsea rivers in Oregon should get these for sure.i have also heard of them being used on the Wilamett river for summer run Steelhead.GOODLUCK!
Foy Boy
Somerset, Pa.
 Good product
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Good floats for centerpining
 Top of the line for trout
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Drennan floats are the best and easiest to use. Stable and upright in the water.
 Top of the line for trout
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Easy to use, stable in the water.
lake erie
 worth the money
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: River float rig setups
Comments: they work very well. you can detect light hits, and they are clear so fish aren't spooked. pricey, but you get what you pay for.
Chasen' Bow
Green Bay, WI.
 Super Floats. Wouldn't use any other!
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Easy to track in a stream. Won't spook fish! Wish I could find on line at another retailer. Make certain to purchase silicon sleeves to attach float to line.
northern Utah
 nonpareil on low/low flow streams
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain, Quiet invisible to fish, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: It is very stealthy and quiet. Will not "bang" into logs and rocks.
Two cast
 Excellent creek float
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, very easy to see
Cons: Difficult To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I quickly learned to preinstall the rubber rings before I went fishing to make it easier to load a new float. One draw back is that at times during a finesse cast the float will tangle up on the line. Don't use it in severe cold. I shattered one of them fishing in sub zero weather.
Dayton, OH
 Excellent slow flow, clear water float
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: When it is low, slow and clear, put on the 2gm version of this float on and you will better your chances of hooking up. Its visual footprint is small making it an excellent float for stealthy fishing. The float is very durable and will withstand rougher use. Has hi-vis top but you better have 20/20 vision if you expect to see this float when making long drifts.
Southwestern PA
 Good Floats!!!
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: These are some of the best floats i've ever fished. I prefer the loafers for faster water the slim design lets them sit high out of the water. They hold nice amount of weight for size and when they drop its all over. They are expensive but worth the money!!
 Very functional in high viz and low wate
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I wish I purchased several more of these floats. The work great in slow low water for Steelhead. The high visibility tip made the float easy to track downstream.
Captain Spank!!!
Houston, Alaska
Professional Angler
 Works real well in Alaska !!!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water, Shore Casting
Comments: I orderd these floats to catch fish that usually would not be catchable, this is a true magnificent product!! if people only new!! :)
 Great Float!!!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: Low Visibility.
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