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Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material features a super tough, abrasion resistant design that is virtually invisible under water. This line also features superior knot strength for dependability you can count on when that unexpected trophy comes along. Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material is great for use as fly fishing leader, as well as general purpose leader for centerpin, spinning, and casting applications.

We stock Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material in 50 meter (54.68 yds. / 164.04 ft.) spools. Color is clear. Includes a convenient line dispensing spool design.


Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material
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Customer Reviews
Keyser, WV
 Strong line!
Pros: very strong
Cons: slightly larger diameter
Best Uses: leader for steelhead and browns
Comments: Very strong line. I use it for shot line on my pinning outfit. Also great leader material.
Pros: Super strong
Cons: large diameter
Comments: Good quality leader, but look at the diameters...they are huge! .010 for 6lb test is insane comparatively speaking. Look at the diameter, not the breaking strength, will know what you are working with at that point. Any line company can put a breaking strength number on a label, comparing diameters is the true test across brands
 The best Fluoro...period!
Pros: Super strong, dependable
Comments: This fluoro is the best. Incredibly strong, abrasion resistant, and gives me confidence when fishing for steelhead, etc. I ran out of this on a recent trip, and could only get a hold of RioMax Fluoro. Although it was supposed to test the same as the Drennan (5 pounds), I had three fish snap it. This never happens with the Drennan. Also, for the money, you get 50 meters, as apposed to the 25 or 30 meters other companies give you. As soon as I got home from the trip, I ordered more Drennan.
 Drennan 8lb.
Pros: F51278001, dependable, Super strong
Best Uses: Steelhead fishing
Comments: Drennan is the best fluor on the market period. 8lb. and no issues getting 10-15lb. steelhead in. In fact so strong, I have seen it bend hooks....
 Greater leader
Pros: Invisible, Super strong, dependable
Comments: Use for salmon and steelhead in rivers.
 very tough some of the best
Pros: Super strong, very strong
Cons: breaks ocasssionaly
Best Uses: fly, spinning, Steelhead fishing
Comments: the best line available. Drennan makes good line.
 Great Leader
Comments: I was using this leader to catch salmon at Pulaski and I am realy impress with the strength and the low memory. As you know the disadvantage of this diameter are the knots. I did not have any problem at all, easy and smooth.
Pulaski, NY
 Good Choice
Comments: I use this for big chinooks on the Salmon River. I have had a lot of success with it.
Jay and Jack Winkler
Dallas TX
Best Salmon Line Ever!!!
Pros: Invisible, Super strong
Best Uses: Salmon, Steelhead
Comments: I was turned on to this during the Oct Salmon run in Pulaski NY. It was the best line I have ever used!! The day before I was using a so call exspensive invisa line, the fish saw it every time and just moved out of the way. When I used this new Dennon line the next day after recommendation from Fat Nancys, My son, and I caught several big kings.
Drennan Addict
S Tier NY
 drennan fluorocarbon
Comments: If you have tried every brand of Fl. on the planet-then throw out all your other spools of Fl. Takes the punishment of the Catt and Salmon R. with ease!!
western ny
 Tough stuff !!
Pros: Like the spool design, very strong
Best Uses: Steelhead fishing
Comments: Found this line to more durable and dependable than any floro that I've used in the past.
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