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Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods


Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods are great economical trolling rods, packed full of features. These rods are perfect for all around trolling, use with planer boards, downriggers and dipsy divers. If you want a quality trolling rod at an economical price, the Daiwa Wilderness is an ideal choice.

Features of Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods include:

  • Durable, resilient fiberglass blank construction
  • Cut-proof Aluminum Oxide guides
  • Comfortable EVA foam grips
  • Rubber butt ends
  • Downlocking, Fuji-style graphite reel seats
  • Hook keeper

Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods
WLDR 802MLR8' 0"Med. LightRegular8 - 172
WLDR 802MR8' 0"MediumRegular10 - 202
WLDR 802MHR8' 0"Med. HeavyRegular12 - 302
WLDR 862MR8' 6"MediumRegular12 - 202
WLDR 862MHR8' 6"Med. HeavyRegular15 - 302
WLDR 902MR9' 0"MediumRegular12 - 252
WLDR 902MHR9' 0"Med. HeavyRegular15 - 302
WLDR 962MHR9' 6"Med. HeavyRegular15 - 302
Review Summary
(56 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.94%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (31), Professional (2)
Durable (26)
Good Tip Action (21)
Easy To Transport (13)
Flexible (12)
Sensitive (11)
Too Stiff (2)
Heavy / Bulky (2)
Best Uses
Large Fish (19)
trolling (11)
River Fishing (7)
Great Lakes (7)
Ocean Fishing (5)

Customer Reviews
 Nice looking rod for the price
Pros: Easey to transport
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: It's March so I havn't had a chance to use the rods. I bought them based on the reviews.
United States
 Great for those just getting into Salmon fishing
Pros: Durable, Flexible, Good flex for trolling, Strong and sturdy, Good inexpensive rod
Best Uses: Great Lakes, Salmon Fishing
Comments: Just got into salmon fishing this year. These worked great for fishing Salmon and Trout in Lake Huron.
Medina, Ohio
 Great Rod
Pros: Durable, Good flex for trolling
Best Uses: Great Lakes, trolling
Comments: This is my 3rd wilderness rod i love theses rods and the price, we caught lots of walleye on these rods, lots of 28" walleye I got one 33" this year.
lured in
monroeville, pa
 good rod for the price
Pros: Durable, Sensitive, good price
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: rods have lasted through lake trout and a very productive walleye season
lured in
monroeville, pa
 great rod for little price
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: these rods stood up for lake trout and walleyes all summer long
Medina, Ohio
 Nice Looking Rod
Pros: Good flex for trolling, Easy To Transport, Good Value
Best Uses: Great Lakes, Dipsy diver, Walleye.
Comments: Rod came today seems to be a nice rod for the price, going on lake erie tomorrow for walleye will see how the rod does.
Lucky leo
 Good rod for the money
Pros: Good inexpensive rod
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: When fishing with multiple people many hands beside the owner of the equipment are used and at times rods become damaged don't shed many tears as these rods don't set you back much to replace.
 Good rods
Comments: Seem to be good quality for a very good price.
salmon slayer
syracuse, NY
Avid Angler
 Great Priced Brownie Rod
Pros: Flexible, Good Value, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport
Comments: 8' ML rigger rod. Flexible and lighter action gives you a better fight for smaller fish (browns) but also can handle larger trout and salmon. Cheapest Rigger rod you're going to find.
United States
 daiwa med-heavy trolling rod
Pros: well built
Comments: Great trolling rod for Deep Six or downriggers. A little too stiff for mooching, but that's not what it's about. Good stiff backbone for really setting the hook. Economical, good service from Fish USA, and a great addition to my boat rods.
Salmon Hunter
United States
 Great rod
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Durable
Best Uses: trolling, Salmon Fishing
Comments: Great good quality rod for trolling.
Everett WA.
Pros: Action
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: Action just right. Not too stiff, not too soft. Perfect for 13 t0 15lb Silvers.
United States
 Great product
Pros: Good flex for trolling
Best Uses: Lead core s dipsey
Comments: Great product to use as dipsy rod or as anything. Great length and very flexible.
NE Ohio
 Works Fine
Pros: Good Value
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: Bought 10, have used them on a couple trips to pull Dipseys, Inline Weights and Crankbaits. Worked OK for all. Have landed several 10lb+ Walleye and Steelhead. Am going to install spring tips on a couple for wire. Lotta rod for the buck.
south Carolina
freshwater striper fishing
Pros: well built, Good inexpensive rod
Best Uses: Large Fish, trolling, River Fishing
Comments: Love this rod landed a 34 lb striper with no problem.
Comments: was skeptic because of rod price, ordered anyhoo, glad i did. arrived quickly, (2) days, in time for weekend trip. ordered the 8'6" MH. for big catfish in reservoir outlets. handled em with ease. use big penn reels with 25lb line, cant wait to get back. a whole lot of rod for the money! will be buying the heavys just to see if it can get better. thanks guys
 Great value
Pros: tough, light, Sensitive
Best Uses: Great Lakes
Comments: Great rods for the price. My buddy I have at least 6 of these rods in various models and use the crap out od them on Lake Ontario for trout salmon. We've never had a failure or problem with any of them.
Lake City , PA
Great rod affordable price
Pros: Durable, price, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Great Lakes
Comments: Recently switched ALL my board rods to this rod 8ft medium . Running braid with divers or flatlining plugs these are for you ! Works well with lead core 5 color lead core setups as well . Capt Don Stephens - Lake City , PA
 Great trolling rods
Pros: Strong and sturdy
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: I used these with offshore planer boards and have not had any problems. They are sturdy and have consistent flex with and without fish on. I plan on using them for Lake Ontario salmon season this fall. Can't beat the value for a good trolling rod,
Saranac, Mi.
 what I expected
Pros: nice looking, well built, Good inexpensive rod
Best Uses: mini board trolling
Comments: These rods are what I expected, Nice loking and well built. Have not had them out yet due to the time of year and a longer than normal winter here in Michigan. Looking forward to giving them a good work out as soon as the weather breaks.
 Could not beat the price
Comments: Have used these rods in the past and bought these to add to the arsenal.
No. MN
 Diawa trolling rods
Pros: price, Good flex for trolling
Cons: Heavy / Bulky
Best Uses: trolling, Dipsy diver, Downrigger, three-way
Comments: Really fast delivery. It's February and won't be able to use them for a few months, so no review on actual use. Heavier than I expected, but I guess that's the way trolling rods with heavy weights need to be - I hope the handle fits my rod holder. Should be fine though. I have used more finesse-type equipment in the past
Pros: good quality, well made
Comments: Good item nice rods cant wait to watch um bend, quick shipper everything I was hoping for.
 Great rod for the money
Pros: Good inexpensive rod
Best Uses: Great Lakes
Comments: You can't go wrong with the Daiwa Wilderness rolling rod. Great rod for the money.
Game Hog
Lincoln, NE
 Great value
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action
Cons: Heavy / Bulky
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I teamed this rod up with a Penn 209 with 27lb lead core for trolling. Didn't want to spend alot of money on this set up. The rod has a sensitive tip that shows when your bait has weeds on it. Great rod!!
Lake Erie,Ohio
A lot of Bang for the Buck!
Pros: Good Tip Action, Lightweight
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: Bought 4 and they worked great with Dipsys and also pulling the small planer boards. Now that I tried them I'll be ordering more.
Bridgeport NY
 great value
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: These rods have great action for the price. The rods have been tested to lake ontario salmon and hold up fine. The tip action is light enough for trolling walleyes as well. I would recommend these to any level fisherperson at the price.
Dillsboro, IN
 Looks pretty good for an inexpensive rod
Comments: I did not know what to expect from such an inexpensive rod. I am excited to get the two out and use them. I have many rods that are more expensive and better built but I think this rod is put together just fine and has everything you need. I have these set up for leadcore for great lakes Salmon and I think they will perform well in that role.
 great pole/best price
Pros: Durable, Easy To Transport, Lightweight
Cons: Too Stiff
Best Uses: Ocean Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: great salt water inshore rod
 Great Rod
Pros: Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Durable
Comments: I fish mainly for cats here in Ohio & haven't been dissapointed yet. Hooked a really large carp & the rod handled the fight very well. Extremely durable. I bought one, liked it & bought 2 more for my other baitcasters. For the price, you don't expect a rod to be made this well, but it is. Try one, you won't be sorry. I have the 8.6 model.
Worthington, OH
 Great rod for the price
Pros: Price, Good flex for trolling
Comments: I got the medium 8' rod for trolling for walleye on lake Erie. Good for trolling inline boards, Jet 30's, inline wieghts up 4oz.
Little Chute, WI
 Quality product
Pros: Lightweight, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I use these rods to troll for walleye. Very good quality for the price. Would certainly buy them again.
walleye hunter
 quality rods
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Easy To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: these are quality rods at a good price!
 Great walleye trolling rods
Pros: Flexible, Good Tip Action, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I bought 2 rods for trolling for walleye. Great rod for the price. Worked so well I got 2 more.
 Inexpensive but good
Pros: Good inexpensive rod, Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses: trolling, Great Lakes, Downrigger
Comments: Good rod
hardcore fisherman
Northern IL
 good rods
Pros: Good Tip Action, Flexible, Easy To Transport
Best Uses: trolling
Comments: Good rods for the occasional troller, I do not troll alot so these are perfect and affordable.
Papa fish
 Sometimes you get more than you pay for
Comments: Great price for a quality rod.Works great on planer boards.Have no cons for buying this rod and if it gets broke by the grandkids oh well I'll just buy another.What's not to like about a good down rigger rod at this price.
muskie man
chicag, il
 more bang for buck
Pros: Durable, Flexible, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting, Sensitive
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: can' get much more for so little
Capt. Chuck
Ludington, MI
Professional Angler
 Great product at any price
Pros: Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable
Best Uses: Salmon Fishing
Comments: Its a great rod for the price, and if a client breaks a tip off it doesn't hurt.
 Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods
Pros: Durable, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Ocean Fishing
Comments: Excellent value in a very durable and sensitive surf rod.
The Legend
Two Harbors, Mn
 The Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods
Pros: Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: The Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods are the best rods for the money. Great for downriggers, board lines or dipsy divers.
Il Pescatore
Springfield MA.
 I would buy this product again.
Pros: Great starter rod, Durable
Cons: Too Stiff, More like med action
Best Uses: Lead core s dipsey
Comments: I think this rod will make a great lead core or used with small dipseys. For the price I do not think you can buy a trolling rod like this anywhere.
Puget Sound, Washington
excellent for the price
Pros: Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Ocean Fishing
Comments: I've fished with $300+ rods and can't justify the price. These rods do very well and if I snap the tip off not an expesive loss. I don't like the guides and would prefer stainless guides. All of this type of guide (insert guide) fall apart.
Finger Lakes, N.Y.
 I use these rods and will again.
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Flexible, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: no complaints,i use them and i will continue to use them. great for trolling with downrigers.
 as good as top of the line
Pros: Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action, Durable, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish, Ocean Fishing
Comments: I own 8 heartland rods and the wilderness rod is just as good for half the price.Salmon and steelhead don,t know the difference
N.E. Ohio
 great rod for the price.
Pros: Durable, Flexible, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I use the rod for dipsy divers and downriggers. No problems and would but again.
Salt Lake City, Utah
 Good rod for the money.
Comments: The rod is a litte stiffer than I wanted but still a good value for the money.
stroudsburg pa-oswego ny
 Wilderness Trolling Rods
Pros: Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I use these Rods on my downriggers. They are just as good as other higher priced rods I have on my boat.
Pros: Good Tip Action
Best Uses: River Fishing
make the turn
rochester, ny
Professional Angler
 great rod no compaints
Best Uses: Dipsy diver
Comments: great rod for the price
Wellsboro, PA
 I would buy this product again and recom
Pros: Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Durable, Flexible, Sensitive, Easy To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: the product was very useful, it stands up to fishing in lake ontario with the big fish, there was nothing wrong about the ploe.
roger voorhees
 wilderness rods
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: great rods for the buck. use these 4 to 5 days a week trolling all day on lake ontario. they handle the abuse of king salmon all day long without a problem. work great with riggers and dipsy's.
roger voorhees
newfane ny
trolling rods
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: for the price i couldnt be happier with these rods. i use the 8'6 for riggers and the 9'6 for dipsy divers and they perform flawlessly. i troll all day long 4 to 5 days a week on lake ontario and these rods hold up to king salmon abuse all day long. great buy
Port huron, Mi
 Daiwa Wilderness Trolling Rods by Daiwa
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I used theses rods for samon and fishing this is the best rods I have ever had. I would recommend them to everyone that use dipsy divers.
Gai Gin
Eureka, CA
 Couldn't agree more with the description
Pros: Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing, Ocean Fishing
Comments: Brought to try to compare with the Heartland line of medium heavy trolling rods. I actually like the rod action of these rods trolling kwik fish from a drift boat going downriver. The tip telegraphs the action of the lure quite well and has the action and toughest to easily handle a 30 pound plus king salmon. Additionally, the very low rod price makes it so I not concerned about breaking the rods and I have purchased two rods each of the 8, 8 1/2, 9 and 9 1/2 foot for myself and my friends have also purchased at least two in various lengths. Good deal and I couldn't be any happier with my purchase decisions.
 Decent Rod
Pros: Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: I bought this rod to use trolling for walleye. So far it has been a decent rod, good sensativity, good backbone.
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