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Daiwa Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rods


Daiwa Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rods are true performance ultra-light rods. These rods let you cast lighter offerings and sense the slightest of bites, while still providing plenty of backbone. Spinmatic rods feature Daiwa's Extreme Guide System for greater hooking power, sensitivity, and accuracy. Great for trout, panfish and crappie.

Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rods feature black blanks with metallic orange thread wraps and black guides.

Features of Daiwa Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rods include:

  • High-performance graphite blank for maximum power and sensitivity
  • Low-friction, cut-proof aluminum oxide guides with stainless steel frames
  • Genuine Fuji graphite reel seats with uplocking stainless steel hoods
  • Classic cork handle for warm, sure-grip comfort in all weather conditions
  • Hook keeper

Daiwa Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rods
SMC401ULFS4' 0"Ultra LightFast1 - 41/32 - 1/81
SMC461ULFS4' 6"Ultra LightFast1 - 41/32 - 1/81
SMC501ULFS5' 0"Ultra LightFast1 - 41/32 - 1/81
SMC562ULFS5' 6"Ultra LightFast1 - 41/32 - 1/82
SMC602ULFS6' 0"Ultra LightFast1 - 41/32 - 1/82
SMC662ULFS6' 6"Ultra LightFast2 - 61/32 - 1/42
SMC702ULFS7' 0"Ultra LightFast2 - 61/32 - 1/42
SMC762ULFS7' 6"Ultra LightFast2 - 61/32 - 1/42
SMC802ULFS8' 0"Ultra LightFast2 - 61/32 - 1/42
Review Summary
(52 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.98%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Angler (4), Advanced (3)
easy of casting small offers (7)
Fun Trout Rod (5)
great value (4)
very well balanced for casting (4)
Good value (4)
None yet (4)
None (2)
Best Uses
Trout (5)
any panfish and trout (4)
Throwing small lures for (3)
Casting very small baits smoothly (3)
bass (3)

Customer Reviews
Santa Ana, CA
Avid Angler
 Great rods...
Pros: Price
Cons: None
Best Uses: Trout mini jig, casting lures
Comments: Awesome rod for ultralight trout fishing. I have 6 Ultralight rods and enjoy them.
San Antonio, TX
Avid Angler
 This is a CLASSIC light spinning rod
Pros: Everything
Cons: None
Best Uses: Light and Ultra Light Spinning
Comments: This is a Classic light and ultralight spinning rod. A superb price point rod by Daiwa. I've been using these for years and have 4 different lengths. Cork grips, a great graphite blank, and good line guides make for a quality rod. Smooth and accurate casting. If there is a better rod in this class for $30 to $40 I would like to hear about it. Until then the Spinmatic will be my go to rod for bluegill and bass. I think it's a PERFECT rod for bluegill.
Arco, ID
Avid Angler
 I enjoy fishing with lightest gear possible
Pros: Purchase in several different lengths. Your preference.
Cons: Very brittle. Breaks easy being so lite.
Best Uses: Boat use for perch, crappie, bass, Trout, and other, Small to medium fish
Comments: Have even used on larger catfish, (not on purpose).seemed to work fine unless running under the boat unexpectedly. .
North Idaho
 Great light trout rod
Pros: good action, Great Value, handle ultra light spoos spinners and jigs.power to handle big trout.light weight.
Cons: tip top isn't hialoy
Best Uses: Trout
Comments: Good light trout rods. These match up perfectly with 10 reels and 4lb mono. Great action, durable, and awesome components. The only thing I change on these is the tip. They come with an aluminum ring which tends to groove, but I switch them to ceramic like the guide set.
Eastern Shore of Maryland
 Great rod for the money
Pros: very well balanced for casting
Comments: Really enjoy this rod shad fishing on the Potomac. The 7' length allows you to make the long casts and also lets you set the hook easily. Nice feel.
1402 Stratford Ave., South Pasadena, CA. 91030
 Daiwa Spinmatic 7 Foot Spinning Rod
Pros: Nicely made product
Best Uses: Trout mini-jig & light lure fishing
Comments: I received a very well made product. Guides all line up perfectly. The seven foot, two piece rod seems perfect for the use of 1/32 oz. trout mini-jig, fishing with light weight lures, and fishing with artificial bait such as PowerBait dough, etc. At the very reasonable purchase price, to buy the product is well worth considering. I have not actually fished with this spinning rod as of the time of making this review comment; and this is the reason I gave it a four star rating.
Advanced Angler
 Best panfish rod I have
Pros: It makes all fish you get fun
Best Uses: trout & panfish
Comments: I have the seven footer and it makes a great drift rod for panfish
Weatherly, PA
 Great trout rod for the price!
Pros: easy of casting small offers, Great Value, Fun Trout Rod
Best Uses: Trout
Comments: This rod has incredible action and feel. I picked up the 6'6" model for trout, and it compares favorably with rods that cost several times more. A no-brainer in my opinion.
big O
Lebanon, Mo.
 Good Value
Pros: light, Sensitive, Good value
Best Uses: ultra light spinning
Comments: this 8' ultralight is a good value, a standout at this price and length, balances nice and good action
 Daiwa spinmatic ultralite spinning rod
Pros: Great Action, balance, inexpensive, easy of casting small offers
Cons: somewhat fragile
Best Uses: any panfish and trout
Comments: Love this rod. Broke the tip section but liked it so much I bought another. It is tough on fish but seems a little brittle if hit. Nature of the composition I would guess. Great service upon ordering had the replacement in no time.
San Diego
 Possibly the best bang for buck ultralight
Pros: Fun Trout Rod, Great Action, Great Value
Best Uses: trout & panfish, Casting very small baits smoothly
Comments: The spinmatic has the best ultralight action of any other of the ul rods I own. Some are too whippy, others are too stiff. I have the 7ft for myself and a 5ft for my 7 year old daughter. We use these for rainbow trout and are just great rods. I really don't understand why some people buy trout rods that cost hundreds of dollars. When I go trout fishing it's always the guys that have the "cheap rods" that out fish those with more pricey setups. Bass I can totally understand but trout and panfish these spinmatics will work just as good.
Big Ben
Eastern Oregon
 Daiwa 8 foot ul spinmatic
Pros: Good value, good action, Great Price
Cons: would like the butt shorter
Best Uses: crappie, bass, and Perch
Comments: Good rod and seems to be good quality. Have used for Crappie, Bass, and Perch worked well even on a 3 lb small mouth. For jigging the butt section could be about 3 inches shorter.
 UL Rod
Pros: Light, Sensitive, Great Price
Comments: The Daiwa Spinmatic is still the best rod for the money. Light and sensitive rod that will not break the bank. Great Trout and panfish rods.
United States
Makes a great Fly Rod
Pros: Touch and feel
Comments: I cut the cork butt off an 8 footer and put a Okuma Fly Reel with Drag on it with Cortland Rocket Taper Floating line. Great balance, great action, great feel. I use a barrel roll flip to put the line and bait where I want it. Best $35 I ever spent and I catch tons of trout with it. Why spend mega bucks
The mole.
Seabeck, Washington
Casual/Recreational Angler
 great rod
Pros: Great Action, Good value
Comments: Just used this rod trolling in a boat and caught about 15 fish, 1-1/2 pound to 2 pound trout with this rod. Love the 8' length for the action. It was just what I wanted.
 Great ultralight
Comments: I got a pair of the 4 foot rods for my kids, perfect length and easy for them to handle. I have the 7 foot version for myself, and is a perfect trout rod. The rod is sensitive and lightweight.
Portland, OR
 7 ft UL, perfect!
Comments: For the money, best quality in price range. And as always, great service from FishUSA!
joe b.
United States
 great pole
Pros: Everything
Comments: I have had this rod for 2 weeks now and have caught 15 trout and even a 7 lb. Catfish on it. This pole is amazing would definitely recommend
sullivan county New York
Pros: sesitivity
 Daiwa Spinmatic
Pros: Very sensitive, easy of casting small offers
Comments: Great light action rod. Sensitive and very good at casting small lures/bait. I have several at different lengths.
Good for trout
Cons: you must be ready for ultralight power
Comments: I got 6'6" fished for trout, all that punishing from rising on the bridge, rod perform admirably.
Pros: Great action, Great Price
Comments: Stepped on and broke my favorite Spinmatic rod. Liked the rod so much I did not hesitate to buy another one. Great rod that fishes well. Just ordered a new one from FishUSA. Can't beat the price from FishUSA.
Southern California
 Great Rod for the Price
Pros: Inexpensive, Great Action, Great Value
Comments: I purchased this spinning rod for my father and I must say that he enjoys it very much. He usually uses a Kencor fishing rod for most of his fishing but as many of you may no this company no longer exists. However, he tried the Daiwa Spinamatic rod and immediately fell in love with its casting ability as well as its sensitivity. He now he wants a Daiwa Spinamatic rod for my mother. Overall its a great deal and great rod.
 Nice rod
Pros: good action
Comments: very nice rod for the $ has a nice action that will help keep the pan fish hooked on.
 diawa spinmatic
Pros: handle ultra light spoos spinners and jigs.power to handle big trout.light weight.
Cons: None yet
Comments: light and sensitive, also a great value for a trout rod
Old Eagle
 No Not One
Pros: Great action, Good value
Comments: I purchased a 7'6" as the 7' was temporarily out of stock. Liked the rod from the get -go. Sooo... I purchased a 6',8' and eventually got a 7' too !!. These rods have great fast actions: pitch and cast small jigs very well and are a good value price-wise. The 6 and 7 are lined with 2# test the 7 1/2 with 3# test and the 8 with 5#. Finesse is a great fishing concept. light line and small lure presentations catch fish. These rods are great for that purpose
 Excellent quality.Compares with rods costing 3-4 times more
Pros: handle ultra light spoos spinners and jigs.power to handle big trout.light weight.
Best Uses: ultra light spinning
Comments: This rod replaces a $100 rod.I like it better.Handles 1/32nd oz.jigs no problem. Iwill purchase acouple more in other lengths.
 love this spinmatic
Pros: sensitivity
Best Uses: any panfish and trout
Comments: This Spinmatic is what I`ve been looking for in a spinning rod for a long time , sensitive ,easy to cast and makes useing light line a joy ,with fewer breaks and makes fighting large fish easy .
Advanced Angler
Great trout rod
Pros: great value, sensitivity, very light, Fun Trout Rod
Best Uses: trout & panfish
Comments: I really enjoy the spinmatic rods for trout or panfishishing. They are light and sensitive, cast well, and still have some backbone to bring in a larger fish. Plus the price is much more affordable.
 great value
Pros: price, sensitivity, action, look
Cons: not the most durable
Best Uses: trout & panfish
Comments: great rod, good for long distance hook sets, bought a new one on here recently to replace my old one that my friend rolled up in his power window, snapped instantly as it is hollow at the upper part, also had one of the guides bend slightly somehow on my old one after not much use, but all in all cant beat the price, action is great, very sensitive, funnest trout rod ive used (went with the 7 ft UL FAST action) would be 5 stars if it was a more durable rod
Niagara River/ Lake Erie
 Great quality
Comments: The rod is a very high end rod and great quality and for only $39!! It's my favorite ultra light rod and best ultra light on the market and now they only make them in 4 piece so this is the only place I found in 1 piece
 buy this one
Pros: very sensitive
Best Uses: Casting very small baits smoothly
Champaign, IL
 Quality at a great price
Pros: Finish, quality and quantity of guides, "just right" handle length
Cons: Almost perfect balance with reel, just slightly tip heavy
Comments: The 8' model is as good an ultralight as you will find in this price range. The rod is light and well balanced. Quality components and construction.
Advanced Angler
 Great rod
Pros: Action, great value, very well balanced for casting, easy of casting small offers
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: bass, Throwing small lures for, any panfish and trout
Comments: This is a great rod for the price
Seattle, WA
 Great value, great casting
Pros: very well balanced for casting, super value.
Cons: None yet.
Best Uses: Trout and salmon.
Comments: I am not suprized my next Daiwa Spinmatic ultralight is on back order because these are great light weight rods for a good price. Teamed it up with an all metal Zebco Platinum 11PL Spincast Reel for trout fishing our lakes in Eastern Washington. I hope that my next rod gets shipped soon, I want a complete arsenal of these rods in defferent lengths for trout, steelhead and small salmon in the Puget Sound. I have landed some 15 - 20 inch trout on the 5' and it was a great experience. The UL action helps launch lightweight spinners and spoons with ease. I hope my next rod is shipped soon and in time for the Humpy run on the Puyallup River!
Western PA
Avid Angler
 Great Ultralight Rod
Pros: Price, Action, Finish, Grip, Weight
Best Uses: trout and panfish
Comments: After using several manufacturers of ultra light / noodle rods, I must say that I was very impressed with the quality and great price of this one. The action is true and it still has plenty of backbone to play out large fish. I can honestly say that this is by far my favorite trout rod now and will be ordering another one in the near future.
northcentral Pa.
 7 foot
Pros: very well balanced for casting
Comments: Very good action for a rod this lenght. I havn't had it long enough to see how it holds up but so far so good.
 Good rod
Pros: very light
Cons: back cork too long
Best Uses: trout and panfish
Comments: Bought the 71/2 ft.and used it for stocked trout. Casts very light offerings really well. The fish I caught fought hard and were a lot of fun.
  very good fishing rod
Pros: Fun Trout Rod, easy of casting small offers, great value, very sensitive
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: any panfish and trout
Comments: Love this rod,very sensitive,let you feel even the slightest hits.Long last with the lightest lures
Pros: easy of casting small offers
Best Uses: any panfish.
Comments: love these rods, very sensitive , with a lot of action ,lets you really enjoy the fight of the fish
 Daiwa Spinmatic 8ft Ultralight spinning rod
Pros: great value
Comments: 2 cons first. Guides on a 8ft rod could've been long cast guides and lower butt section of rod on all lengths of the Spinmatics need more backbone/stiffness. However, having stated that, what a great rod for the price. Aesthetically as nice or nicer than those more elite brands. Very nice sensitive feel pulling small plugs and crankbaits. For the money, very very good buy.
Comments: I first bought the 7 footer, liked it so much i bout the 6 and 4' models, matched with the diawa crossfire spinningreel, these feel great and are a pleasure to fish with.
Orlando, FL
 7' Daiwa Spinmatic Ultralight Spinning Rod
Pros: Touch and feel
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: Casting very small baits smoothly
Comments: This rod has the touch feel I need for those very light crappie hits out in open water. It casts my 1 2 pound Fireline smoothly and quite far. I'm very happy with this rod!
 Nice rod
Pros: vary sensitive
Best Uses: any panfish.
Comments: Great ultralight rod. If you like ultralight fishing this is a nice rod. It has a really nice feel with a soft tip. Vary sensitive. I really like it.
Lemoore, Ca
 Great valued Ultra Light
Pros: Sensitive, balance, easy of casting small offers
Best Uses: Trout, Throwing small lures for, drifting bait
Comments: I purchased the 7'6" and 8' after having great use with the 7' rods. I took the 8' out to drift salmon eggs under a float on a river. The action and ease of casting light offerings is great. I landed several rainbow trout in the 14-18 inch range and never worried about the 2lb line breaking because of the action. I felt every head shake and pull. This rod is a great value and if you fish for trout, it is a must.
Pros: Fun Trout Rod
Best Uses: Tossing Small Kastmasters
Encinitas, Ca.
 good rod for the price
Pros: Fun long trout rod
Cons: A bit too parabolic
Best Uses: Trout, Throwing small lures for
Comments: matched with small reel and 4 lb. line = good trout catchin' outfit
Huey EG
Rhode Island
 Great value for the price
Comments: Very sensitive and light rod. Great value for the price. I have 3 different lengths of this model, and they all perform similarly. Have been using it for trouts and pan-fishes. Have no problem using it with large-mouth basses up to 24 inches. (the max size I have caught so far), and I'm not a very experience angler.
Henderson Harbor, New York
 I would and have bought this product
Comments: Iam a charter capt. and I have these rods for my customers to use. They love them and I think the soft touch of the rod helps them catch more bass. IT. IS ALSO VERY EXCITING TO CATCH A BASS ON A SOFT ROD .
southern california
 eight foot spinmatic rods
Comments: the first one i received had been damaged in transit . the great staff at fish usa immediately upon my call sent out another rod. since then i've used it at big bear lake and i like it paired up with an older diawa tdi seven hundred.
 super strong 'weapon'!!
Comments: its a good rod for fighting a fish, more satisfied & its so tough. but, its a moderate action rod, not suitable made for casting rod. its more superb rod if made for fast action rod.
East Greenwich, RI
 Great rod for the price!
Comments: This is my 3rd Spinmatic that I purchase this year. I now have 3 different versions: 5'6, 6'6, and 7'6 of this rod that I can use under different fishing conditions. They all are very sensitive and light weight. A joy to use!
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