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Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods


Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods feature durable, lightweight IM7 graphite blanks outfitted with quality components. Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides are durable and groove resistant. The blank through handle construction adds to the sensitivity while also adding to the durability. The grips are constructed of quality natural cork. Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods feature actions for just about any angling technique in current use for steelhead and salmon.

Features of Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods include:

  • IM-7 Graphite construction
  • Salmon and Steelhead specialty actions
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Blank through handle construction
  • Natural cork grips
  • Hook keeper
  • Black blank with black thread wraps trimmed in metallic silver
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Daiwa DXS Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods
DXS761MXS7' 6"MediumX-Fast8 - 171/4 - 11
DXS761MHXS7' 6"Med. HeavyX-Fast10 - 203/8 - 11/21
DXS862MFS8' 6"MediumFast8 - 173/8 - 12
DXS862MHXS8' 6"Med. HeavyX-Fast10 - 201/2 - 11/22
DXS862MLFS8' 6"MediumFast8 - 173/8 - 12
DXS902MFS9' 0"MediumFast8 - 173/8 - 12
DXS902MLFS9' 0"Med. LightFast6 - 123/16 - 1/22
DXS962LRS9' 6"LightR4 - 103/16 - 1/22
DXS962MFS9' 6"MediumFast8 - 173/8 - 12
Customer Reviews
9.6ft DXS Salmon Rod- "stout"
Pros: Top-quality materials
Cons: To stiff, Little sensitivity
Comments: 9.6 ft arrived yesterday, I was expecting it to be more flexible. It's very stiff. Tip sensitivity is very poor comparred to the 8.6ft Ugly Stik- Salmon Lite I also ordered and received.. I am likely to keep the Daiwa as a back up rod to the Shakespear product. The line rating for the Daiwa is 8-17lb, the Ugly Stik is 8-20lb.. From that aspect, the rods are similar, that is all.. Feel is paramount, if you prefer a stout rod, the Daiwa is for you, if you prefer a much more sensitive tip and overall increased rod flex,, the Shakespear is the ticket. As for me, I'd prefer the more flexible rod, fight more enjoyable.
 Daiwa DXS862MHXS
Pros: Sensitive, Top-quality materials, True extra-fast action
Cons: Matte finish
Best Uses: inshore or light surf, Salmon or steelhead, River
Comments: This rod surprised me and I'm very impressed with it. Honestly, I ordered it to use for light tackle surf fishing, but after trying it, I decided to keep it out of the surf and use it for salmon. It's extremely sensitive, has top-shelf reel seat and guides, has a top quality cork handle, has a true extra-fast tip action, and easily tossed 2-1/2 ounce weights the one time I used it in the surf. I dropped a star - honestly: half a star - because of the matte finish. Nothing aesthetically, structurally or functionally wrong with a matte finish, but I'm very careful about cleaning gear to stop invasive species, and the matte finish means I need to spend a few more moments cleaning this rod. It is an impressive rod at a bargain price. Highly recommend it for budget conscious anglers - grab one before someone figures out that it's under-priced!
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