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Daiichi D30Z Offset Worm Hooks

Daiichi Offset Worm Hooks set the standard for a sharp, long lasting bass hooks. This hook is the "standard" light wire worm hook, ideal for Carolina rigging and other bass setups. The Bleeding Bait color triggers a feeding response in fish, simulating gill flash and injured, bloody bait.

With their exceptionally high-carbon steel construction, Daiichi hooks exhibit correct shape, extreme hardness and razor-sharp points. The lengthy tempering process each hook undergoes gives them just the right amount of flex, so they hold fast when under heavy pressure. And for maximum effectiveness, the barbs on Daiichi hooks only cut into 40% of the hook's wire diameter. This low profile barb offers quick penetration.

Available sizes/quantities: 3/0 (6 hooks per pack), 2/0 (7 hooks per pack), 1/0 (8 hooks per pack)

These hooks are Daiichi model D30Z (Bleeding Bait Red).

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Good hooks - especially the smaller size
Tampa Bay, Florida
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I like them for fishing soft baits weedless in shallow, clear grass flats. They last in salt water and can be re-sharpened.
Pros: Strong
Cons: none
Best Uses: Salt Water
Great Hooks
About Me:
Casual/ Recreational
Very sharp good quality
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Strong
Cons: none
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
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