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DAM Tectan
Premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Discount Off All Remaining DAM Tectan Premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material! Regular Price $8.95-$18.95, Now $8.05-$17.05! Supplies Are Limited. If one of these items show out of stock in your basket please remove it or it will be removed from your order and the total will be adjusted. Thank you.

The DAM Tectan Premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material has almost the same light refraction factor as water and is therefore practically invisible to fish. This is a big advantage for the angler, especially when fishing in crystal clear waters or for heavily pressured fish.

Tectan Premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material features great abrasion resistance and high knot strength. Tectan Premium Fluorocarbon is perfect for general purpose leader use and also works well for fly leaders and tippet.

Additional features of this line include:

  • High breaking strength
  • Superior knot strength
  • Low visibility
  • Great shock resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low memory

We stock DAM Tectan Premium Fluorocarbon Leader Material on small leader spools in 4.0 and 26.6 pound tests. The 2.8 through 13.5 pound test spools feature 25 meters (28 yds.) of line and the 26.6 pound test spools feature 15 meters (17 yds.) of line. This line is clear in color. Diameters of this line are as follows:

Pound TestDiameter (inches)Diameter (mm)


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orange county
 so thin it hard to see!
Pros: thin and strong
Cons: strange case its in.
Comments: Very nice line, great knot power. I use this on steelhead and browns .I did have break offs but thats steel head fishing. I believe I had more hooks ups using this as my leader material. I will use this until the new thing comes along.
Fly by  37
Denver , Colorado
 Thank U this leader is the best on the market with a GRT price
Pros: catch more fish, Have more fun, reliable knots
Cons: None love it
Best Uses: On Large Fighting fish it is always reliable, Spinncasting and Ice fishing
Comments: I think this leader line is the best you can get these days bar none, I catch more fish with it and the knot strenght is just very reliable, also it is practically invisible, i will recommend it to all the fishermen an friends I talk to plus the people who just ask me how I am catching soo many fish, it is just more fun than other leaders O and Also the tectan line in all weights is very well made and Productive.... Thanks Again for a Great product and fun fishing Experience. Ive used it for 10 years........... Sincerely Al Phelan
 very good Fluorocarbon Leader Material
Comments: Great leader line and hard to break! This leader performs well. No problems with knot breaks or weakness.
 very good leader
Comments: This leader is really good for inshore fishing for things like trout. It is strong and invisible and very resistant to abrasion. It's worth paying a little more for a high quality flourocarbon leader.
 Good Stuff
Comments: I bought the 7 lbs variety and used it on Ontario Tribs. Worked great. I had no issues and it performed well. The only drawback that I see with this, as well as all the other Floros out there, is why can't I buy a bigger spool? 50m or 100 m.
Ihave used this line for years best ever
Pros: Sm dia for test
Cons: None love it
Best Uses: Icefishing limp smdia
Comments: I was icefishing and the guy fishing next to me wascatching 4 to my 1 the same jig same color everything but the line he was using tectan line. sence then I have been usingthe line and now am a believer its the best line for neg. fish.line doesnt always make a dif. but when fish are netural to neg. it will pay big div.
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