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The DAM MAD Obstacle Rig features a backbone hook in combination with a 25 lb ImmiX fast sinking braided hooklink. This is a super strong and reliable rig for extreme conditions! Great in combination with braided mainline and in waters with many obstacles.

We carry MAD Obstacle Rigs in hook size 1. It is 20cm (7.87 in.) in length with a 25 pound test rating. Two rigs per pack.
Customer Reviews
Buffalo, NY
 Great value. Highly recommended.
Pros: High quality at a great price.
Best Uses: Carp fishing
Comments: Super strong and reliable rig indeed. I had very good results with this rig in both hook size 1 and 2, used together with either DAM MAD D-Fender Monofilament Carp Line or DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line. Great value at less than $2 per rig. Highly recommended.
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