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DAM Effzett FZ Jawbreaker Lures hav a very fast erratic motion that imitate a nervous swimming baitfish. The combination of the right buoyancy and the Japanese shape of the diving lip allows anglers to fish it both very slowly and extremely fast. Jawbreaker lures feature a very quick side-to-side flanking motion and holographic foil inside relecting light in all directions. This has proven to be a great secret weapon for seducing hungry predators.

Additional specifications are provided in the table below:

Diving Depth
9cm/3.54 in.10g/0.353 oz.0.5-1m/1.5-3 ft.
12cm/4.72 in.19g/0.670 oz.1-1.5m/3-5 ft.

The available colors for DAM Effzett FZ Jawbreaker Lures are shown in the table below.

Brown TroutHerringIce Cake
Brown TroutHerringIce Cake

MackerelNatural MinnowRainbow Trout
MackerelNatural MinnowRainbow Trout

Tequila SunriseZander
Tequila SunriseZander


Customer Reviews
Hawaii fisher
 Jawbreakers for fooling shallow water Barracuda
Pros: easy to use, good at any speed
Best Uses: reaction strikes
Comments: The Dam Effzett FZ Jawbreakers are great Lures to have. Here in Hawaii I fish mainly for Barracudas.The Jawbreaker can be fished at the fastest speeds. And when the Barracudas has seen all the lures, they respond mostly by reaction strikes. When the lures zoom past them at high speeds it doesn't give them enough time to think and they strike out of instinct. Very effective lure and will highly recommend it to salt water fishermen. Might be good for fresh water too!
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