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Cortland Precision Tropic Plus
Floating Fly Lines

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Blazing sun. Corrosive Salt. Stifling humidity. Whether stalking tarpon laid-up in the thick of the mangroves, pushing for permit or sneaking up on skittish bones, you’re dealing with angling conditions that can wreak havoc on a flyline. Precision Tropic Plus lines are designed to handle the elements and the fish like no other. Their ultra-durable coatings resist abrasion while maintaining slick castability. Built with superb braided cores for reduced line memory and the guts to withstand battle after battle, these lines can handle anything.

Precision Tropic Plus Floating Fly Lines are the best all-around tropical line no matter what species you prefer to chase after. These full floating lines are built using an extremely durable, hard outer finish and a braided mono core (20# braid on WF6F lines, 30# on WF10F lines) to handle hot tropical climates. A unique long body taper design allows for quickly loading and long accurate casting.

Cortland Precision Tropic Plus Floating Fly Lines

We stock the Precision Tropic Plus Floating Fly Lines in line sizes Wf6F and WF10F. These lines are straw (light yellow) in color.

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Cortland Tropic lines are superior
Keller Texas
About Me:
Used this to bonefish after dumping my SA line. What an improvement, especially in any wind. This is a typical Cortland product - superior casting at a competitive price.
Pros: Better than SA lines, Long casts with accuracy, Shoots like a dream
Cons: none
Best Uses: Salt water flats
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