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The Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip is Cortland's latest addition to the ground breaking Precision Dyna-Tip floating trout fly line series. These lines are specifically designed for versatile performance in a wide range of difficult to extreme trout fishing situations. Platinum lines excel in large rivers and tailwaters to spring creeks and small streams.

Precision Platinum lines feature a modified version of Cortland's Rocket2 taper. A longer head, extended rear taper and an oversized running line help to load the rod quickly for short, accurate casts yet allows for reaching out for accurate maximum distance shooting. The longer head design allows for more line to be carried during the cast while the extended rear taper facilitates longer roll casts and improved mending characteristics. Overall the Platinum's taper design results in casts with exceptionally stable loops and line control.

The Platinum also features Cortland's high floating Dyna-Tip, a three foot highly visible white tip section specially formulated to float higher and land more softly than conventional fly lines. Dyna-Tips float in the toughest conditions and allow for more natural presentations, drag free drifts, and overall line control whether you fish dries or weighted nymphs.

Like all Precision Dyna-Tip lines, the Platinum is formulated with Cortland's DuraSlik coating, which is super slick, durable, and ultra quiet in the guides. This coating significantly reduces surface friction for faster shooting, higher line speeds, and longer casts. A unique low memory line formulation helps the Platinum remain supple in cold water yet it won't wilt in the summer heat. This line resists coiling even after long storage on your reel. All lines are sage in color and feature a three foot white Dyna-Tip with a welded loop for easy leader changes.

The Cortland Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip Floating Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.


Cortland Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip Floating Fly Line
Line Profile
Line Profile
Customer Reviews
Richmond, VA
 Nice, long lasting, quality
Pros: Good Quality
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This is my second one of these fly lines. First one lasted 5 years with proper care. Primarily use this line for smallmouth fishing on rivers. Picks up nicely,casts well and stays on top of the water all day.
Syracuse, NY
 I will buy this product again!
Pros: Love the welded loop, Cast very nicely L, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: As good as advertised!
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