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Cortland Mini-Head Kits

Make your own sinking heads with the Cortland Mini-Head Kit! Available in three different sink rates, each kit contains a 12 foot length of sinking line and four braided loop connectors. Simply cut the sinking line to a desired length. Install a loop connector on each end of the sinking line using the loop connectors, and connect all lines using loop-to-loop connections.

These transform any fly line into a sink-tip line, and are a must-have item for traveling anglers.

These kits are available in three different sink rates:
  • Type 3 - Sink rate of 3 inches (or 0.08 meters) per second
  • Type 6 - Sink rate of 6 inches (or 0.15 meters) per second
  • Type 9 - Sink rate of 9 inches (or 0.23 meters) per second
To order, please select the sink rate from the list above.

Customer Reviews
 Works Great
Comments: Works well for a modest price, at converting floating to sink tip line, even though I already have a complement of shooting heads, full sink, and sink tip lines. Purchased all 3 sink rates (3, 6, 9 ips), and cut sections are conveniently stored in zip lock bags. Used mono to tie my own loops, instead of using the supplied braided loops and sleeves. Takes only a few minutes to swap out pieces to go from floating to various sink rates. Nice to be able to mix/match cut sections to suit conditions, as well as suit various rod/reel/line weight setups. Casting has not been an issue with my 3 wt through 6 wt "freshwater" setups with 7.5 ft leaders. Have not tried on my 7 wt through 9 wt "saltwater" setups. Have since purchased a 2nd set of all 3 sink rates, and added different length sections to round off the original set.
 Good product, need better loops
Comments: The sink tip line works great. The only problem I ran into was that the rubber was very difficult to slip over the loop/line connection once the line was fed through the hollow portion of the loop. Need to make the rubber with a bit of a bigger circumference. Notwithstanding this issue, I would have given it a "5" rating.
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