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Cortland's technologically advanced “Super Premium” monofilament fishing line – Endurance Monofilament - is here, with advanced high quality features that can directly improve a fisherman’s performance and success. The low diameter and glass smooth finish allows for an extremely low co-efficient of friction resulting in ultra smooth casts and retrieves an ultra sensitive “feel” while the line slices through the water.

Cortland Endurance Super Premium Monofilament is a good choice to use as main line for center pin fishing. The hi-vis coloration helps keep track of line movement and smooth finish glides off the spool and through rod guides with ease.

We stock Cortland Endurance Super Premium Monofilament in 300 yd. filler spools.

Features of Cortland Endurance Super Premium Monofilament include:

  • Formulated with unique additives allowing for remarkable abrasion resistance
  • Superior knot strength
  • Small diameter sizes
  • Excellent lower memory manageability

Cortland Endurance Super Premium Monofilament is made in the U.S.A.

Cortland Endurance Super Premium Monofilament
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of customers would recommend this product.90%
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Easy To Handle (5)
Strong (4)
Good For Variety Of Fish (2)
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Customer Reviews
 An excellent fishing line
Comments: This line is thin in diameter and very supple.It casts smoothly and easily and allows great distance casting. It is strong and able handle steelhead with ease.
love it
Comments: awesome
 Good visibility, strong line
Pros: Strong, Highly visible
Cons: Difficult to handle
Best Uses: steelhead
Comments: Yellow stands out great
New York
 Best Line to use on The Salmon River NY.
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Stealhead, Salmon
Comments: I have been using this line for Stealhead fishing on The Salmon River. My fishing guide uses it,and he recommended.
St. Louis
Pros: Looks Realistic
Comments: The line is not very strong! Will go back to YO-ZURI!!!!!
 Cortland endurance
Pros: Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Strong
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: This is everything cortland says it is
Ed Hole, Dan!!
very easy to cast,very strong!!
Pros: Supple but strong, easy to cast
Cons: none of the above
Best Uses: Centerpinfloatfishing, Fresh Water
Comments: I use this line with my center pin very easy to cast doesnt tangle have landed some very nice Steelhead without any problems great stuff!!
Rochester, NY
Quality Line
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong
Comments: This line handles well in sub-freezing temps and remains supple. It sinks a little, but not prohibitively so. The hi-vis green is a good compromise between visibility and putting off fish. Knot strength is good and it seems to break well beyond the rating. I've used the 10# as my main line for multiple trips on both small and big water with no regrets. Very good value for the money!
Eden, NY
 Float line
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Comments: Bought this to use on my centerpin setup. Good flexibility, casts very well. Good knot strength. Only downside is is it doesn't float on the surface.
Buhl, Idaho
 So far, I am impressed
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Very smooth casting, No tangles, easy to see, Easy To Handle
Cons: One 2 hour lure session
Best Uses: Smooth throwing lures
Comments: I only managed one trip before this survey but threw lures constantly for about 2-3 hours. The line was very smooth and didnt have any 'hair balls' like new line will sometimes produce that first time out. I didnt feel the need to throw heavy lures to minimize the possibility and am so far very impressed. I have tried numerous brands of line and have felt let down with most. I hope that on the trips to come I continue to be impressed with this line.
Southwestern PA
decent line
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Spooled this onto my centerpin as soon as I received it. I went with the 10lb and my first initial reaction was that it was very stiff. After spooling it I noticed it wasn't as stiff as I originally thought but still not real supple line. I got good knot strength out of it and it seems to not sink a whole lot so that is a big plus. Something I would recommend if your looking for a line for your centerpin and have run the gauntlet of lines out there....
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