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Big Sky Fly Rods

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Big Sky! It's not just a state, but a state of mind. Sure, "Big Sky" is a July afternoon on the Madison. But it's also a russet dawn on the Cape, clouds reflected in blue-green flats off Andros, an eagle wheeling high over the Big Delaware, a Maine brookie pond stippled with autumn color and a cart-wheeling tarpon silhouetted against a back country sunset. In short, the spirit of "Big Sky" is wherever your fishing adventures take you. And with that spirit in mind, Cortland has created the Big Sky series of fly rods.

Modern, fast action 4 piece rods that can deliver the goods with power and finesse. Cortland designed each rod in the series to meet specific angling challenges and then tuned the actions to make these the best casting, best fishing rods they have ever offered. Finally, Cortland added the highest quality hardware they could find, hand shaped specie cork grips, nickel-silver reel seats with burled wood spacers (all aluminum reel seats on saltwater weight rods) and packaged it all in an integrated rod/reel carrier to protect it during your travels. All at a price that sets a new standard for value. Whether you target trout, stripers, bones, tarpon, bass or salmon there's a Big Sky rod for you!

Big Sky 904-49' 0"Fast4 wt.3.254A
Big Sky 905-49' 0"Fast5 wt.3.54A
Big Sky 906-49' 0"Fast6 wt.3.64A
Big Sky SW 906-49' 0"Fast6 wt.3.64B
Big Sky 907-49' 0"Fast7 wt.4.14B
Big Sky 908-49' 0"Fast8 wt.4.24B
Big Sky 909-49' 0"Fast9 wt.4.64B
Big Sky 910-49' 0"Fast10 wt.4.54B
Big Sky 911-49' 0"Fast11 wt.5.34B
Big Sky 912-49' 0"Fast12 wt.5.54B



Specific Rod Details

Big Sky 904-4 - Delicate and light in the hand, but powerful enough to beat the wind. Fine in the tip to protect light tippets, but with enough length to control drift. The 904-4 Big Sky is the light line choice for fishing smaller flies on bigger rivers and tail waters East, West, wherever the trout are rising!

Big Sky 905-4 - Here's the trout rod that does it all on medium to large rivers. The 9' 5 wt is the number 1 selling fly rod in the US, so Cortland had to get this one right! Easy casting at all distances, with enough power to handle wind and the whole range of trout fly sizes. Strong enough to put the boots to a running rainbow, but able to fish size 18's on 6X. Whether it's fishing PMD emergers on the Missouri, reaching out to a rising brown on the Beaverkill, or nymphing the Green, the 905-4 Big Sky is the one trout rod you can take anywhere!

Big Sky 906-4 - Perhaps the most versatile freshwater rod in the Big Sky series, the 906-4 covers the whole spectrum of fly-fishing challenges. Casting dries, streamers, and nymphs to trout, chasing Smallies, tossing a popper to Blue Gills, or fishing smaller flies for Steelhead, this rod is up to the task. If you are going to own just one fly rod say "hello" to the 906-4!

Big Sky SW 906-4 - A salty action 6 wt. rod with a 1" fighting but that teams up perfectly with Cortland's Tropic Plus lines and freshwater Rocket tapers for chasing Red-fish, small bones, Small-mouth Bass and giant trout. This rod provides the smoothness that 6 wt. rods are famous for along with the needed boost for longer casts and fishing heavier flies in light salt and heavier fresh water situations.

Big Sky 907-4 - Bigger than a 6, not quite an 8, but just right in so many situations! The 7 wt is perhaps the most overlooked line size in fly-fishing, but it's also one of the best. Light enough to be easy casting, powerful enough to throw larger flies and put the smack down on bass, bones, steelies, salmon, big trout, reds, you name it! And the Big Sky 907-4 is one great casting 7 wt! Teamed up with a Cortland Type 3 full sinking line and a big streamer this rod will punch like a heavy weight into almost any wind. Or with a floater, deliver a Charlie right on target to a cruising bone. If you don't own a 7, you owe it to yourself to find out what you're missing!

Big Sky 908-4 - In a world where 8 wt's have become relabeled 9 wt's this rod stands true. Not an unforgiving "stick", not a floppy "wimp". This rod's smooth power generates high line speed for greater distance when you want it, along with accuracy and delicate presentation when you need it. That's what this true 8 wt. is all about. For all the reasons you would choose an 8 wt., the Big Sky 908-4 is the one to choose.

Big Sky 909-4 - The need for longer casts in pants whipping winds in both salt and freshwater situations has elevated the 9 wt. to a must have rod for many avid fly fisherman. However when that close range fish pop's up out of now where (and you know they do) creating the need to load the rod and react quickly with a close accurate cast with out landing the fly like a cannon ball, many turbo 9 wt's can't get it done. We dialed back the tip action on this rod to accomplish this task with out sacrificing power and distance. It cast's like a 9 wt. should in the wind and like a 8 '6" 4 wt. on a short cast when it needs to making it a complete 9 wt. fly rod.

Big Sky 910-4 - Think of the 10 wt. as the heavy cruiser of fly rods. Here's the rod for Pike, Musky, Stripers, small to medium tarpon, or any other fish that will grab a big fly and not want to give it back. Many tarpon guides now recommend the 10 wt. as the best all round fly rod for it's combination of easy casting and fish fighting abilities. The Big Sky 910-4 is a truly powerful 10 wt. that the average caster can load and handle with ease. It can match distance with any rod out there, yet still fish in close for full range versatility.

Big Sky 911-4 - Another overlooked line size, the 11 wt. has always been an "in between" rod. The Big Sky 911-4 is going to change that thinking! Many guides feel that because of its ability to go long and short with spectacular control and great ease, handling both small and big fish, the 11 is their new "got to have rod." The Big Sky 911 is going to put a lot of flies into the mouths of big fish everywhere, and find a home in the hearts of many fly fisherman.

Big Sky 912-4 - Over the last decade no fly rod has improved more than the 12 wt. They're a rod designer's ultimate challenge. Take the heaviest rod and make it light in the hand while having the strength to handle a 200 lb. maniac. Design it to cast in the strongest fishable winds and still lay down a sweet 30 footer right now. We put all those things into this rod and took it one step farther by making it an unparalleled value. The challenge is up to you to find a 4 pc. rod w/tube that matches this rod's performance at this price. Just for you we've raised the bar and lowered the cost on an elite 12 wt. rod.


Customer Reviews
Pagosa Don
Pagosa Springs, CO
Cortland Big Sky 9ft 6wt
Pros: Accurate Casting, Lightweight, Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Large Fish, Fly Fishing
Comments: I use the 6 wt for stillwater presentations. It is a really great looking rod and it casts buggers, emergers, and nymphs like a cannon. No negatives so far, would recommend this rod to anyone who wants quality at an affordable price.
Scotts Valley, Ca
 Cortland Big Sky flyrod
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Durable, Accurate Casting, Flexible
Cons: Ferrals get loose
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: This 8 wt. rod was set up with a 300 grain Rio shooting head for shad. I noticed improved casting ability in both distance and accuracy over my 8 wt. Powell. The flexibility of the rod was easy to load up in a double haul and shot the head like a cannon. A minor nuisance was keeping the mid-ferral of this 4-piece tight but it did not hinder the use of the rod. The action was great with a 4 pound shad on, but it could also easily handle a big steely or striper. This one is a winner and is now my #1 rod.
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