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Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Lines offer the time tested proven features of 444 Classic fly line with the added benefit of an integrated 10 foot type 3 sinking tip. The weight forward design is easy casting while the supple, glass smooth finish of the 444 Classic allows the angler to easily mend and pick up line quickly while still keeping your fly down where the fish are feeding.

These lines come in the classic peach color with a brown sink tip section. The 10 foot Sink Tip section sinks at a rate of 312 - 4 inches per second. The body of the fly line is full floating for easy line management. These lines are great for fishing streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes were fish are feeding subsurface.

The Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.


Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Line
Line Profile
Line Profile A  (WF5F/S)
Customer Reviews
Upstate NY
Pros: No indicator needed. just look at the line great color and casts well
Cons: full of cracks after a year of use
Comments: The line is OK. I have no problem casting it and there is virtually no memory. The problem is, upon further inspection there is a ton of micro cracks throughout the whole line. I'm not sure if this was a maintenance issue but it definitely will make me look to another line option in the future
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