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Authorized Live Eyewear Dealer
Cocoons OverRx is an authorized online retailer of Live Eyewear Products.

Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Tortoise Frames are the answer for millions of people who wear prescription glasses. Designed by Live Eyewear, Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses conveniently slip right over prescription glasses, effectively protecting the eyes from the elements. Cocoons feature Flex2Fit temples for a comfortable fit every time. Patented OveRx engineering principles address every aspect of the sunglasses function. Comfort, fit, quality and performance... nothing is overlooked. These sunglasses deliver 360° of Advanced UV Protection, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses also feature scratch resistant Polare polarized lenses for crystal clear visual acuity, cutting through harsh glare and reflections. Included with each pair of Cocoons is a weather resistance neoprene storage case that is specially lined to help protect the lenses from accidental damage, and the Cocoons Duracloth to keep the lenses clean and clear. All Cocoons come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We stock Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Tortoise Frames with your choice of Amber, Copper, Gray or Yellow lenses. Amber lenses increase contrast and improves depth perception in low light conditions, offering superb light management properties on overcast days. Copper lenses offers improved contrast in brighter, high glare conditions. Gray lenses minimize color distortion in bright conditions making it ideal for water sports, beaches and offshore fishing. Yellow lenses gather light in low light conditions and create a "highlighting" effect that provides the highest level of contrast.

Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses Accessories We carry all sizes of Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Tortoise Frames as follows:

  • S - Small (Stream Line)
  • MS - Medium Small (Mini Slim)
  • M - Medium (Slim Line)
  • ML - Medium Large (Wide Line)
  • L - Large (Pilot)
  • XL - Extra Large (Aviator)

Examples of each frame size and lens color can be seen in the table below:

S (Stream Line) Amber LensesMS (Mini Slim) Copper LensesM (Slim Line) Gray Lenses


S (Stream Line)
Amber Lenses
MS (Mini Slim)
Copper Lenses
M (Slim Line)
Gray Lenses
ML (Wide Line) Yellow LensesL (Pilot) Amber LensesXL (Aviator) Copper Lenses


ML (Wide Line)
Yellow Lenses
L (Pilot)
Amber Lenses
XL (Aviator)
Copper Lenses

For sizing and style information CLICK HERE.

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Customer Reviews
 Love it, Love it, Love it
Pros: Easy fit, Quality & Price
Comments: I have been looking for a pair of over-Rx for a long time. I do a lot of Salmon fishing, and need my prescription glasses to see clearly where the fish are. The pair fits perfect over my glasses. Tested them in the streams for trout, and tested them on the boat for bass, pike, and perch. Love the glasses.
New York State
Avid Angler
 As good as it gets!
Pros: Quality & Price
Cons: none so far
Comments: I've been gearing up for some fly fishing, an item I really needed, was a pair of polarized sunglasses. I wear glasses so the possibility of dropping a lot of cash on a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses did not sit well with me. I purchased a pair of OverX Cocoons to give them a try........forgot to mention I have a big head, so fitting the face was an issue......I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I received the Cocoons. The fit was good. The PRICE was very reasonable. 5 Stars, 100% satisfaction!
north central North Carolina Near Raleigh
 Cocoons over glasses sun glasses
Pros: light weight plastic lenses
Cons: plastic lenses scratch easilly
Comments: The Cocoon glasses are nice with an exceptionally nice carry case. I plan to keep the case and use it with my Vistana Rx sun Glasses. The Cocoon glasses are very nice. I will use them for back-up but the Vistana glasses are a better fit for me. Sun damage is cumulative. I like to protect my eyes.
lone ranger
Bend, OR
 Cocoons RX
Pros: Over glasses fit
Best Uses: Fishing
Comments: Best over RX sunglasses I have ever found.
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