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Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Black Frames are the answer for millions of people who wear prescription glasses. Designed by Live Eyewear, Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses conveniently slip right over prescription glasses, effectively protecting the eyes from the elements. Cocoons feature Flex2Fit temples for a comfortable fit every time. Patented OveRx engineering principles address every aspect of the sunglasses function. Comfort, fit, quality and performance... nothing is overlooked. These sunglasses deliver 360° of Advanced UV Protection, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses also feature scratch resistant Polare polarized lenses for crystal clear visual acuity, cutting through harsh glare and reflections. Included with each pair of Cocoons is a weather resistance neoprene storage case that is specially lined to help protect the lenses from accidental damage, and the Cocoons Duracloth to keep the lenses clean and clear. All Cocoons come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We stock Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Black Frames with your choice of Amber, Copper, Gray, Gray/Blue Mirror or Yellow lenses. Amber lenses increase contrast and improves depth perception in low light conditions, offering superb light management properties on overcast days. Copper lenses offers improved contrast in brighter, high glare conditions. Gray lenses minimize color distortion in bright conditions making it ideal for water sports, beaches and offshore fishing. Gray/Blue Mirror lenses offer the same benefits as the standard Gray lenses with a Blue Mirror outer finish. Yellow lenses gather light in low light conditions and create a "highlighting" effect that provides the highest level of contrast.

We carry all sizes of Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses - Black Frames as follows:

  • S - Small (Stream Line)
  • MS - Medium Small (Mini Slim)
  • M - Medium (Slim Line)
  • ML - Medium Large (Wide Line)
  • L - Large (Pilot)
  • XL - Extra Large (Aviator)
Review Summary
(35 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.94%
Reviewer Profile:   Practical (17), Comfort-Oriented (15), Stylish (5), Career (4), Modern (3)
Comfortable (24)
Good Protection (23)
Adequate Tint (23)
Lightweight (21)
Durable (19)
Heavy (2)
Unattractive Design (2)
Best Uses
Driving (17)
At The Beach (12)
Travel (10)
Casual Wear (8)
Fishing (6)

Customer Reviews
ny state
 I can't see !
Comments: I own 3 other pair of cocoon sunglasses and love them. I bought the yellow lenses specifically for those dark cloudy drizzly days or especially for fishing into dusk to dark as the hatch occurs. The yellow lens is suppose to brighten things up. It didn't. In fact I thought maybe they had sent me the amber lens in error. They didn't. The product falls short of what I purchased it for. I intend to contact cocoon and let them know to take it back to the drawing board.
California Delta
 Awesome glasses
Pros: Good Protection
Cons: not too many sizes
Comments: Good quality and above average in seeing the fish. Need more sizes for the black frame.
 Work well
Comments: Have 3 pairs of Cocoons, gray lenses for water use, amber for driving. Have not tried any other "fit-over" brand.
 Cocoons overRx polarized sunglasses
Pros: Attractive Design, Comfortable, Good Polarization+
Comments: Great glasses. Love the matt black frames. Perfect fit with the adjustable frame.
upstate western new york
 like a cocoon
Pros: easy to use, Adequate Tint, cuts glare nicely, cost+
Cons: cost, Heavy
Best Uses: sun protection, fishing
Comments: these are the first over RX sunglasses I have tried, fairly comfortable although they take a little getting used to. nice sun protection althouggh it could be a little better polarized the shape definition isnt good enough when used in fishing looking for fish and cover structure, cuts glare nicely not acceptionally. considering the limited sun protecting eyeware for people who wear framed glasses they are a needed addition and worth their price and they work sufficiently just not like a high end sunglasses, but where are you gonna go if you wear framed glasses
 Very Convenient
Pros: cost+, no blind spot+, Good Polarization+, Durable+, Lightweight+, cuts glare nicely
Cons: bulky+, hard to figure size needed+, Unattractive Design
Best Uses: fishing+, boating+, Driving+, Fishing for antiglare
Comments: I really like the Cocoons OverRx Polarized Sunglasses. It was a little hard to figure the size glasses needed for the coverage of the Rx glasses I wear, but by looking at the example for the Cocoons I got what I needed. They fit nicely over my regular glasses, but because of their size they lack attractive style. I like the wrap around feature with the lens in the side temple area which effectively eliminates the blind spot caused by solid frame wrap arounds. They are a little bulky for carrying when not in use, but I guess that comes with the wear over territory. I look forward to using them when fishing to see how they due with the glare from the water. I got the reflective blue tint which cuts the glare down quite a bit. I've used them when driving, and there is no distortion of your regular Rx glass with good clarity. All in all I am satisfied with them, and would recommend them to those in need of sunglasses over their Rx glasses if you don't mind a little loss of style, but who cares about style when you're fishing or boating so long as they do what they're meant to do. They're also a whole lot cheaper than Rx sunglasses which is a real PLUS, and provide features not usually available from Optomology clinic frames.
Novice Angler
 Happy with my purchase. thank you
Comments: Completely satisfied, very good vision and good protection from the sun. Fishusa thank you for allowing me to buy products not found in Quebec. Good price and fast delivery.
Twin Cities, MN
 Simple, effective, good value
Pros: Durable, Good Protection, Good Polarization
Best Uses: Fishing
Comments: Ended up with 3 pairs in different tints for different lighting conditions. Effective polarization and ability to fit over various prescription glasses makes these a good and versatile value for the price.
 About what I expected for the price
Cons: Too Small
Best Uses: At The Beach
Comments: Not good for driving. They block your side view if you need to change lanes.
Amherst, NY
 Product is affordable and gets job done
Pros: Great clarity contrast, Durable, Comfortable, Scratch Resistant, Adequate Tint, Good Protection, Good Polarization, Lightweight
Best Uses: Fishing
Comments: I hate wearing contacts, but do need corrective eyewear to see. These cocoons allow me the comfort of glasses and give me the polarization for clarity and contrast that optimize my ability to read the water.
Boston, MA
 Relief for glasses wearers
Pros: Comfortable, Good Polarization, Adequate Tint, Lightweight, Good Protection
Best Uses: Fishing, Driving, At The Beach
Comments: Purchased these for a fishing trip to Canada, have used other sunglasses before but had to remove regular glasses to put them on. Visibility was great and I could tie on hooks and then fish without changing glasses. Side covering made turning easier without worrying about sun from the side.
 pricey, but good quality
Pros: Durable, Good Polarization, Comfortable
Best Uses: Driving, At The Beach
Comments: Cocoons are pricey, but well made and durable. I recently had to replace one, but only because I had accidentally dropped it into the path of my power lawn mower. People with retina problems may find the yellow lenses most helpful -- they diminish glare while increasing contrast.
 great product for the money
Pros: Comfortable, Good Protection, Scratch Resistant, Adequate Tint, Lightweight, Attractive Design, Durable, Good Polarization
Best Uses: Hunting and Fishing, Driving
Comments: Great for hunting and fishing. My eyes feel relaxed and stay focused.
Terry the gramma
Hamden, Ct and Venice, FL
 I would buy this product again and again
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Good Polarization, Adequate Tint, Lightweight, Good Protection
Cons: Scratches Easily
Best Uses: Travel, At The Beach, Driving
Comments: I am very sensitive to sunlight and so I find these most valuable while driving or anytime I am outdoors on a sunny day.
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Polarization, Durable, Good Protection, Adequate Tint, Scratch Resistant, Attractive Design
Best Uses: Athletics, At The Beach, Driving
Horse guy
 Very pleased
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Adequate Tint, Good Protection, Good Polarization, Attractive Design, Comfortable
Best Uses: Any time I'm outside, Driving, Casual Wear
Comments: Haven't had long enough to test scratch resistance. I really like the lightweight comfortable frame. I lost last pair of fitovers but these are better than other brand I had.
Naches, WA
 I will buy this producty again
Pros: Good Polarization, Comfortable, Durable, Scratch Resistant, Lightweight, Adequate Tint, Attractive Design, Good Protection
Comments: I never have sunglasses that provide enough tint and surround protection from glare. Constant glare and squinting causes fatigue and headaches. I can drive now without worrying about shielding my eyes. I don't squint when I'm walking outside! I absolutely love my Cocoons. I should have been a little more careful about getting a large enough size but they fit over one pair of glasses so it worked out for me.
 Satified my need
Pros: Comfortable, Good Polarization, Adequate Tint
Cons: Somewhat heavy
Best Uses: Travel, Driving
Comments: Purchased these to fit over my prescription eyeware. Fit perfectly. Not a bad design. a little big, but for what I use them for, driving primarily, they are very good.
Salem, Oregon
 Great sunglasses
Pros: Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Durable, Good Protection, Scratch Resistant, Lightweight
Best Uses: Driving, Casual Wear, At The Beach, Travel
Comments: I've been using my first pair of Cocoons for years and recently got a second pair. Extremely tough. First pair got smashed in car trunk being closed and barely scratched the lens. After years of hard almost daily use and being dropped more times than I can count, still in overall great shape. Far better than all other pairs of over-the-glass sunglasses I've tried.
Southern California
 Great glasses!
Pros: Attractive Design, Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Good Protection, Durable, Lightweight, Scratch Resistant
Best Uses: At The Beach, Casual Wear, Driving
Comments: My eyeglass prescription seems to change yearly, and with the cost of Rx sunglasses these days I needed an alternative. My Cocoons are perfect. They are there when I need them without a hefty price tag. The optical quality is excellent. I also like the side protection since "regular" sunglasses fail to block side sun/glare/wind so this is great for driving, boating, fishing or other outdoor activities. I'm very happy with this purchase!
 I would buy this product again and again
Pros: Lightweight, Attractive Design, Good Protection, Adequate Tint, Scratch Resistant, Durable, Comfortable
Comments: These cocoons are the only sunglasses I can wear as they fit OVER my regular glasses. I have a condition causing extreme sensitivity to sunlight called Blepheraspasm and found similar products inferior. I am thrilled with my purchase from FishUSA and bought two pairs in case of loss or damage to one of them. I live in Florida and can now go out in the sun with full confidence. Thank you FishUSA for your fast, efficient service.
The Brit
Beverly Hills FL
 I would buy this product again & again
Pros: Scratch Resistant, Durable, Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Lightweight, Good Protection, Attractive Design
Comments: Your cocoons are perfect, as I am light-sensitive due to 'BLEPHERASPASM - DYSTONIA' Your service is fast & efficient, but I am awaiting refund of first order that were too large, please. Second shipment, perfect fit,Perfect protection,perfect value. Nothing negative THANKS.
 I would buy this brand again
Pros: Comfortable, Good Protection, Adequate Tint
Cons: Heavy
Best Uses: Driving, Casual Wear, Travel
Comments: Gives good field of view
Jersey Jim
Jackson, NJ
 Practical but Unattractive
Pros: Scratch Resistant, Lightweight, Durable, Good Protection
Cons: Unattractive Design
Best Uses: Travel, Driving
Comments: Due to the unattractive design, I only use for driving. The glasses seem large and remind me of the temporary, throw-away black plastic glasses that the doctor gives you to wear after you have had tests on your eyes.
Upstate New York
 Easy on the eyes !
Pros: Good Protection, Lightweight, Scratch Resistant, Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Durable, Attractive Design
Best Uses: Boating, Driving, Fishing
Comments: Polarized lens great for fishing, completely evelopes your eyes.Perfect clarity.
Wish I was fishing P
Albuquerque, New Mexico
 No more sore eyes!!
Pros: Attractive Design, Comfortable, Lightweight, Adequate Tint, Good Protection
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: Fishing
Comments: I live in New Mexico and do a lot of fishing on the New Mexico lakes. We get very intense sun and, in the spring, fierce winds. Without these glasses I frequently suffered irritated eyes from sun and wind damage. I wore these for the first time last weekend at Ute Lake in eastern New Mexico. Blazing sun, 100+ temps and 30mph+ winds all day for two days. No more eye irritation!!! This is a great product!!
Navajo Reservation, AZ
 Great Sunglasses!
Pros: Comfortable, Scratch Resistant, Attractive Design, Durable, Lightweight, Good Protection, Adequate Tint
Best Uses: Driving, Travel, At The Beach, Casual Wear
Comments: I do not fish, but I do drive a lot! I wear these sunglasses when I travel and I love them! I have had many pairs of sunglasses, but these outdo them all! I would recommend these sunglasses to anyone, whether they are used as over-other-glasses sunglasses or by themselves!
Uber Mom Chris
Farmingdale, NY
 Great sunglasses
Pros: Attractive Design, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Protection, Adequate Tint
Best Uses: Travel, Driving, At The Beach, Casual Wear
Comments: I don't feel like I'm wearing 2 pair of glasses. No more fumbling for my other pair. I can flip these on top of my head and still be able to see because my glasses are already on!
Pros: Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Scratch Resistant, Lightweight, Attractive Design
Best Uses: Fishing for antiglare
Comments: Well worth the price
Ken the traveler
Long Island, New York
 I would definately buy them again
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Scratch Resistant, Adequate Tint, Good Protection, Durable
Best Uses: Travel, At The Beach
Comments: I have been looking for over the eyeglasses sun- glasses for a while now. I bought a cheap pair at a local drug store a couple of years ago and they are all scratched. My wife and I were going on a cruise to the Carribbean and I needed to replace the old pair. I finally checked online and found the Cocoons website. I researched them, read what others had to say and compared prices from the retailers listed on the Cocoons website. You guys had the best deal. We just got back from our cruise today and I must tell you these sunglasses are definately worth the price I paid. I would definately buy them again and from you if I needed to. Thanks!
East Aurora, NY
 love these glasses!
Pros: Adequate Tint, Comfortable, Durable, Lightweight, Good Protection
Best Uses: Fishing
Comments: First used these glasses when my prescription sunglasses broke and I borrowed a pair of cocoons from a friend. Without them, my trip to Crooked Island to bonefish would have been ruined. As soon as I got home, I ordered my own pair. Thanks
Larry who sails
 Great Value
Pros: Good Protection, Comfortable, Adequate Tint
Best Uses: Travel, Athletics, At The Beach, Driving, Casual Wear
Comments: Great for sailing.
Picky about Lens Col
Nashua, NH
 The perfect sunglasses
Pros: Perfect Copper color, Attractive Design, Comfortable, Good Protection, Adequate Tint, Lightweight
Best Uses: Driving, Travel, Casual Wear, At The Beach, Athletics
Comments: Near as I can tell, the Cocoons Copper lens is exactly the same color as the Serengeti Driver lens and it's polarized, to boot, at a fraction of the price. Pure sunglass nirvana.
Yorktown, VA
 Excellent purchase
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Saltwater Fishing
Comments: Gtrat for me and fits well over my glasses
Rose Lynn
Buffalo, NY
 Now I can see!
Pros: Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses: Boating, Driving
Comments: I purchased these sunglasses to use for all outdoor activities because my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight. Cocoons offer complete protection with no annoying spaces for light to reach my eyes and no glare from the frames. As an added bonus - they prevent the spray from our speedboat from splashing in my eyes.
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