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Cliff Bugger Barn Fly Boxes have major capacity to handle a boat load of large files (streamers, poppers, saltwater patterns). The unique material features slots cut into the material that really grip a hook. To load, simply back the hook into a slot and it is held securely. To remove, just back the hook out. No rips or tears like regular foam. Cliff Bugger Barn Fly Box is 834 x 438 x 138 inches.

Please note: The flies shown in the image are for display purposes only and are not included.

Cliff Bugger Barn Fly Boxes are made in the U.S.A.

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 Cliff Bugger Barn Fly Box
Pros: perfect high capacity streamer box and you can carry it in your vest
Cons: non
Comments: This is the second one of these fly boxes that I have purchased. Nothing compares to it. I bought the first one at a fishing shop and paid $20 more for it so I will now shop
 Cliff Bigger Barn Fly Box
Pros: quality, design, size
Comments: This is a perferct Fly Box for Saltwater flies . I just returned from an Andros Island bonefishing trip and one box held more than enough flies for weeks of fishing . The number 2 and 4 Gotchas let me utilize every slit so i could really pack the box without excessive crowding (100) . Another box was used for larger crabs and every other slit seemed to provide perfect spacing for these wider body number 1 and 2 flies. The slit design is innovative and lets you place the flies vertically in the box wherever you desire to give you adequate vertcal spacing/clearance between rows. Both the lid foam and the bottom foam have slits which increases capacity. The flexibility as to fly placement is much more flexible than the ripple type design I replaced .The box is deep enough so when closed there is separation between the top and bottom layer of flies. even for larger flies. Because of the flexibility the continous vertical slits provide this could also be used for a variety of fly sizes although I think for trout dries/ streamers it might be less ideal as sometimes you have to search for the tightly closed/ compreesed vertical slit. The conventional riipple design might be quicker.for smaller flies One suggestion for Cliff would be to mark the slits to pick up the speed of replacing the fly or loadin the box initially. The box is very sturdy and the clear half makes it easy to identify which box you are dealing with. The foam is very dense and high quality and if you follow the instructions (back the hook into the slit) should last a long time Overall I ordered three more as this is a great design and the price point of around 20 dollars makes it a great value.
Miami, FL
 Great Box - Hard to find worth the hunt
Comments: I live in SF and fly fish the inshore waters salt and fresh. I need a small box for my canoe/yak days but one deep enough to hold poppers and big streamers that might attract snook, tarpon, reds, peacocks and bass. This box does a great job and allows you to see what you want before you get it minimizing the time the other flies are exposed to the elements and my wet fish catching hands. If it says Cliff on it you bought a great product!
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