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Clam Maki Spiiki Plastics are totally customizable, soft, resilient baits. These baits can be used horizontally or curled onto a hook, trimmed and used as a whip tail, pounded on the bottom, or floated upwards for swimming action. Clam Maki Spiiki Plastics are hand-poured and infused with worm particles and fish proteins in an anise-based formula.

Features of Clam Maki Spiiki Plastics include:

  • Spike tail triggers bites
  • Incredible action that cannot be stopped
  • Natural blood worm action
  • Great whip bait when jigged and twitched
  • T-bone rigging gives undulated two tall action
  • Super-soft plastisol bait
  • Injected with Maki juice

Each package contains eight baits.

Clam Spiiki Plastics are made in the U.S.A.


Clam Maki Spiiki Plastics
Customer Reviews
Avid Angler
 great bait
Pros: works great
Comments: Every year it seems I find a new plastic that really shines, this year this is my absolute go to bait.
boulder colorado
 worked great on brook and rainbow trout
Pros: works on trout
Comments: i need to order more this bait did the dirty on trout i can not wait to try it on blue gill and perch .
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