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The Clam Jamei Plastic is a cross between a bug and a shrimp. It can be put the whole way on the hook so it fishes horizontally, or it can be put on the hook only far enough so the tails face upwards. The Clam Jamei Plastic is hand poured and infused with worm particles and fish proteins in an anise-based formula. It is soft and resilient to the touch.

The Clam Jamei Plastic is 1 1/8 inches long.

Each package contains 8 baits.

Made in the USA.


Customer Reviews
Northern Michigan
Advanced Angler
 Great Action
Pros: Very lifelike
Comments: Perfect addition to any ice fishing tackle box. Just gives your presentation that extra kick when the fish don't want to bite
Avid Angler
 best creature
Pros: durable
Comments: When the fish are aggressive, I have found this bait to really work to get the larger fish to bite
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