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Clam Maki Draggi Plastics have two wings and a tail that resembles a dragon's. These baits flutter and flap the wings as they swim downwards attracting the fish. Draggi baits are hand-poured and infused with worm particles and fish proteins in an anise-based formula. Clam Maki Draggi Plastics are soft and resilient to the touch.

Features of Clam Maki Draggi Plastic include:

  • Unique dragon-tail body
  • Water grabbing outer arms and spike tail triggers bites
  • Incredible action that cannot be stopped
  • Swims when rigged on a light jig head
  • Flutters when dropped through the water column
  • Go-to bait when fish are swimming up to meet a bait
  • Go-to bait when fish are hitting baits on the fall
  • Larger size is easy to see on electronics
  • Super-soft plastisol bait
  • Injected with Maki juice

Each package contains eight baits.

Clam Maki Draggi Plastics are made in the U.S.A.


Clam Maki Draggi Plastics
Customer Reviews
perch pounder
United States
 got bite first drop
Pros: works!!!
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: Perch hit it right away, seemed to trigger aggressive bites.
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