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The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board gives new possibilities to fishing with in-line planer boards. The TX-44's large 14 x 414 x 78 inch size makes it possible to pull lead core (up to 10 colors) or copper lines along with one pound of drop weight, hard pulling lures, Magnum Dipsy Divers, and Jet Divers. This larger size also allows for trolling at higher speeds.

The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is reversible. It can easily be assembled to run either port (left) or starboard (right) and can be changed back in minutes. This board includes the Vise Clip, which is designed especially for lead core, copper, and wire lines and will not release. Also included is one fluorescent red flag, making it easier for you and other boaters to see the board in the water, and all other needed hardware for assembly and use. Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is model 30610.

The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is made in the U.S.A.

Review Summary
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Can pull heavy lines (4)
Runs level with leadcore (2)
Tracks very well (2)
Will pull 300' copper (2)
Easy to see in the water (2)
Best Uses
Full core of Leadcore (2)
Pulling long copper (2)
Pulling leadcore (2)

Customer Reviews
Capt Jack
Ontario, Canada
Advanced Angler
Great for pulling leadcore
Pros: Can pull heavy lines, Tracks very well, Runs level with leadcore
Best Uses: Full core of Leadcore, Pulling leadcore
Comments: Use this board for pulling various colours of leadcore. It has no problem pulling 10 or 12 colours. Very impressed.
Grand Haven,MI
Pros: Can pull heavy lines, Will pull 300' copper
 work great
Pros: Can pull heavy lines, Easy to see in the water
Best Uses: Pulling long copper
Comments: used with 300' of 45# copper. worked great, they didn't fall back even when we increased are speed.
Wexford, PA
 Church Tackle TX-44 Planner Board
Comments: Excellent product. Very effective for salmon fishing at deeper depths and wider area of coverage on Lake Michigan. Provides an extra tool in the tackle box.
salmon slayer
mexico, ny
 As good as an inline board can get
Pros: Sends line far away, Can pull heavy lines, Easy to Unclip
Cons: Sometimes dives, Drags hard underwater
Best Uses: Leadcore, Dive bombs, Copper
Comments: Watch a youtube video on how to reel in one of these boards. It will help a lot!
slippery rock
 excellent boards
Comments: for getting lines away from the boat and keeping them there even in rough water they are great
south end of lake michigan
 very good product
Pros: Easy to assemble, Easy to see in the water
Comments: holds a dipsy,flasher & spoon without slipping. works well in rough water. easy to take off when reeling in fish.
 I would buy this product again
Comments: Great board for leadcore
 TX-44 board
Pros: Will hold a mag dipsy, Runs even with other boar, Floats high
Best Uses: Big fish trolling
Comments: Will hold heavy line or dipsys well away from the boat,
Capt dangerous
frankfort mi
 Good purchase
Pros: Will pull 300' copper
Cons: It's HUGE
Best Uses: Leadcorecopper
Comments: I use these boards to pull anything from 10 colors to 300' copper fishing the great lakes. They ride like a dream, don't tip, stay above water even with heavy lines. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to find a board for those applications.
Fishing Impossible
Winthrop Harbor ,IL.
 Great Product
Pros: Tracks very well, High Quality, Less pull than expected
Best Uses: Pulling long copper, Pulling leadcore
Comments: This board is great for my uses. It excels at pulling long leadcore 10 colors+ Pulls long copper as well. In my eyes they have a winner.
Money Pit
milwaukee, WI
 They got the name right, it is SUPER!
Pros: Best side pull, Runs level with leadcore, It is reversabile
Best Uses: Wire lines, Large torpedos, Full core of Leadcore
Comments: Because of it's size it is capable of running level in the water while pulling a full core of leadcore. This alows it to pull out to the side better than any other board on the market. This lets me run more boards on a side than I could with the smaller board.
King Me
Great Lakes, Wi
 A monster of a planer board
Pros: Great for Copper Line
Comments: This is a big board and works well for 16oz lead balls and long lengths of copper.
Tommy B
Buffalo, New York
 Best of the In-line planer boards
Pros: Handiest design of inline
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: I fasten the board with a rubber band so that it remains in place on line after release. This allows for early removal of board while fish is far from boat. Cinch band to line and wrap around back of board and through spring pin. Works out great!!
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