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Church Tackle TX-12 Mini Planer Board

The Church Tackle TX-12 Mini Planer Board is a great alternative to larger planer board systems and helps place your baits out and away from your boat. These boards are great for use in clearer waters and for shy, spooky fish.

The Church Tackle TX-12 Mini Planer Board is great for Walleye, Steelhead, Tout, Bass, Muskie, Pike and Stripers.

Features of these planer boards include the following:
  • Adjustable clip which can be adjusted for use with braided and mono line
  • Airfoil leading edge design helps lift board over heavy waves
  • Rear pin safety design assures that board stays connect to line
  • Bright red color is easy to see and makes flags unnecessary
  • Made of foam filled plastic to give your board floatation.
These planer boards are made in the USA.

These boards measure 7 3/4" long and 2 7/8" high and are available in Port and Starboard models. The manufacturer recommends 14 lb. test or higher braided line or 8 lb. test or higher monofilament lines for best results.

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Customer Reviews
Upper Michigan
 TX-12 Mini Planer
Pros: perform as advertised
Comments: The boards do as I expected and are almost foolproof. There are fragile parts, however, so care in handling is advised.
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