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The Chota STL Plus Wading Shoes are legendary for their comfort, and have gotten even better with the addition of cushy PU mid-soles. These heavy duty wading shoes feature rubber cleat bases in the felt sole (14 per shoe), which allow the addition or removal of the included case hardened "STL" cleats. Lying flush with the sole, each cleat base is strategically placed. The cleat bases are tapped and ready to accept the "STL" cleats.

The Chota STL Plus Wading Shoes features a dark gray polypropylene felt sole to aid in traction. "Micro screen" ports allow shoe drainage while blocking out debris. The leather upper is specially treated for water resistance, which allow for quick drying. This shoe features Chota's exclusive "Quick Lace System" which provides rapid adjustment without knots or bows. The upgraded lace guides makes donning the "STL" Plus almost as easy as stepping into your favorite slippers. The addition of a molded heel enhances support and features a distinctive “Kick Off” plate to ease removal.

The Chota STL Plus Wading Shoes are two-tone brown and dark olive in color. Each pair of boots includes 28 cleats. A 1/4" socket or nut driver (not included) is required for inserting or removing the cleats.

Features of the The Chota STL Plus Wading Shoes include:

  • Genuine leather upper
  • Large kick off plate
  • Micro-screen ports for drainage
  • Chota quicklace system
  • Rubber cleat receptacles
  • Imported


Review Summary
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (7), Professional (2), Avid Angler (2)
Durable (11)
Comfortable (9)
Lightweight (7)
Dries Easily (6)
Good Grip (6)
Best Uses
Fly Fishing (8)
Freshwater Fishing (7)

Customer Reviews
Mark A
Cherry Tree, PA
Avid Angler
 Good Boots
Pros: Durable, Comfortable, good grip
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing
Comments: Easy on and Off and comfortable. Best bang for your buck.
Go Fish!
Avid Angler
Beats Simms Hands down.
Comments: I've tried them all and will be going back to Chota. Good traction, good ankle support, comfortable even after a full day of wading. Best if kept wet. If they dry out, be sure to soak them for a couple of miniutes before you try to pull them on. Mine are 5 years old and other than needing a replacement set of felts, they have been bomb proof.
Pacific NW
 Very good boots!
Pros: Good fit, Comfortable, Durable, easy lace system
Cons: Laces eyelets are weak, leather dries and shrinks in time
Best Uses: 100 plus of days on the water
Comments: First off, disclosure: I fish a lot! I am not a fishing guide, but I still put around 150 - 200 days on the water. I tried almost all the boots you can buy on the market today. Chota STL plus is the only boot that will give me 1-2 seasons of very comfortable wear. What makes it the best: - they are not bulky like the other expensive boots. Just enough padding and support. More is not better! A good boot should allow you to feel the river bottom. That way you are safe and wade with confidence! - the laces system is very fast and convenient. - nice, easy to change, lasting cleats and soles. There are things that could be improved(hear me out Chota!): -- the laces eyelets are made out of some textile material which wear out much faster than the rest of the boot. Solid plastic eyelets should be a much better choice. -- the solid leather uppers of the boots could be mixed withsome sinthetic material. It will dry faster and will help with the shrinking of the leather later in the life of the boots. What I noticed is that these boots last longer if you keep them wet all the time! The drying and shrinking of the leather is the death of the boot! Overall, the best boots money can buy for people that spend a lot of time in the water! I will buy these boots for as long as they make them. Hopefully when Chota upgrades the model, they don't screw up a great boot! Before I forget, I wear 11.5 for regular shoes and I find the Chota size 13 to be a good fit with some toe room for cold steelheading days.
Pros: Dries Easily, Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Chambersburg, PA
 Chota STL Plus = A+
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Comfortable, Dries Easily
Cons: Eventually felt wears out
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: These are my fourth pair of Chotas. I bought size 11 this time, but I wear a 10 shoe. The combination of felt and screw in replaceable studs is awesome for PA freestone streams. Felt is banned in MD but still legal in PA. They have saved me from taking a spill on slippery rocks almost every trip.
Fishin' FiJi
Morristown, NJ
 Chota's rock on the rocks
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Dries Easily
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: nice & light for walking up & down the stream, but best of all really comfortable
Bucktail Pete
 Chota STL Plus Wading Shoes
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Dries Easily, Durable
Best Uses: Saltwater Fishing
Comments: These boots are exactly what I was looking for. They are easy on and off.
union city PA
Great Boot
Pros: Dries Easily, Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing
Comments: great boot. finally no sliding all over the stream. give yourself time tho when you first buy these to screw in the cletes. thought they already came attached into the sole as the picture indicated. took a while to sink them all into the pilot holes.
Burnside pa
Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Good Grip, Dries Easily, Comfortable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: I use these Chotas for fishing Erie tribs. The boot allows a ton of sock room and plenty of room to wiggle toes. The lace system is perfect, and the boots just slip on and off easily. You won't wrestle them on and off.I recommend the cleats, buy extra cleats and a spare lace system and you will be set. I have had 4 or 5 wading shoes and now I have a perfect fit....finally.
Hot Rodney
Twin Falls, ID
Professional Angler
 All around good boot
Pros: Dries Quickly, Durable, Breathable, Lightweight, Waterproof
Cons: Laces are kind of weak
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Any type of fly fishing
Comments: Do not tighten the laces when they are in the notches they will break, other than that, great boots
Fly boy
Pittsburgh, Pa
Fit like a glove
Pros: Durable, Lightweight
Comments: The boots are very comfortable since I may be wearing them 10-12 hours in a single day. The quick elastic laces work well. They are very flexible and your feet will always feel as if you are wearing your sneakers in the stream. The only mistake I made was letting the studs wear down and had to use vise grips to change the spikes. This is the only wading boot I will buy.
Erie, PA
Best Wading Boot Made!
Pros: Durable, Dries Quickly
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Cold Weather, Fly Fishing
Comments: Hands down, best construction and durability plus they are as comfortable as my Nike's! Great ankle support and easy on and off with quick ties. STL cleats saved me a few times. Only wading boot with a reasonable inside width, most are far too narrow.
Professional Angler
The Best
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: Started wearing these boots 5 years ago and wouldn't go back to anything else. The best Ihave ever tried. Comfortable and safe with the cleats that screw in and out. Love the quick-tie laces.
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