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Chip Porter's Great Lakes Fishing Made Easy DVDGreat Lakes Fishing Made Easy
with Chip Porter

Join The Salmon Master, Chip Porter, as he shows us how easy it is to fish for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead, from any size boat, in the Great Lakes. By applying the simple knowledge and techniques from this teaching DVD, any angler can go out and experience instant success on their own. Great Lakes Salmon Fishing Made Easy assumes no previous experience or knowledge and takes a step by step approach in turning anyone into a Salmon and Trout catching machine.

Learn the simple secrets of how to locate and catch Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Chinook (King), including:
  • Flat Lines & Planer Boards
  • Tackle & Bait Selection
  • Downriggers & Dipsy Divers
  • Wire Lines
  • Dodgers & Flies
  • Trolling Patterns & Speeds
  • Structure Fishing & Water Temperatures

Chip Porter has proven himself to be one of the top Great Lakes Salmon and Trout authorities and teachers in the country. Chip's teachings can be found as field editor of Great Lakes Angler Magazine, featured expert for In-Fisherman Magazine and Television, Fishing Pro for Midwest Outdoors Magazine and Television, and contributor to North American Fisherman Magazine and one of America's favorite outdoors radio shows, Fishing Chicagoland.

Chip's teaching credentials span beyond his thousands of days of on-the-water experience, as he has claimed victory in numerous tournaments of both Salmon and Musky. Chip also conducts seminars and fishing schools and he can be seen at sports shows throughout the Great Lakes region.

Copyright 1997

This DVD is approximately 1 hour in length.

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Customer Reviews
Excellent source of info...
Pros: informative, species specific, easy to understand
Cons: a little dated but still very relevant
Comments: Purchased this last year, and although you can see it's been a few years since it was filmed, it provides some excellent info on getting started with salmon fishing in the great lakes. There are a few tips/tricks I picked up, but I try to watch this video at least a few times a year - Captain Chip does a great job of walking through the processes in plain language and helps you understand when and where certain tackle works best....overall a wise investment for anyone looking to learn more about great lakes salmon fishing!
King Me
Ludington, MI
It's The Stuff
Pros: Engaging Characters, Informative, Original, High Production Value, Entertaining
Comments: Although this one is older, it is a great watch. Capt. Chip goes into a lot of the how, when and where about how to catch a variety of Great Lakes fish... I have watched this dozens of times and get something new out of it every time.
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