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Chamberlain Downrigger Release

The Chamberlain Downrigger Release from Northern Strike features easy to use vertical and horizontal adjustments for precision settings no matter what species your fishing for. Tension is adjustable from 0 to 4.5 lbs. and the use of magnetics on the horizontal adjustment assures a fluid and accurate release. The precison design of the Chamberlain Downrigger Release minimizes false releases and is small fish friendly.

The Chamberlain Downrigger Release features quality plastic and stainless steel components.

This release comes one to a package. It is Northern Strike part number 107 and is made in the USA.

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Review Summary
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Reviewer Profile:   Advanced (11)
Easy To Use (17)
Quality Construction (10)
Easy To Install (8)
Attractive Design (3)
Great Adjustment Possible (3)
Have not found one yet (3)
Best Uses
Small Boats (7)
Large Boats (6)
Adjust light for Kokanee (4)
With any downrigger (3)
Pontoon Boats (2)

Customer Reviews
United States
 Does it well!
Pros: Releases even on the smaller fish
Cons: Haven't found any yet
Best Uses: stripe and bass
Comments: New to downrigging and bought this chamberlain on recommendation from local fish club. Found fishusa to have a great price and their delivery time was good. I had some questions on the release before purchasing and after watching a youtube video the inventor had a number to call if questions. I called the number at 6pm and he answered from home and was very helpful. I was sure surprised by such service. It worked well on my first fishing trip and functioned as described.
 Great Release
Pros: Easy To Use, Adaptable
Best Uses: Adjust light for Kokanee
Comments: Used this release on a 10 day trip to the Strawberry. Used it on both trout and kokanee. Easy to adjust for each fish and even used with a set of small pop gear.
Central Oregon
Pros: Easy To Use, Great Adjustment Possible
Cons: Have not found one yet
Best Uses: Any Downrigger application
Comments: Easy to adjust release for any anticipated catch or gear. Release setting independent of rod tension. Quick and easy to load.
pittston maine
 chamberlain release
Comments: love the release really works well in Maine
United States
 Best light release
Pros: easy to use
Cons: expensive
Comments: I have been using these releases for a few years now and have tried other types. These are the best and easiest to use once dialed in. I mark the brass knob with permanent marker and normally start between 3 and 4 turns out and adjust from there on the downriggers. Great product but it is expensive!! You get what you pay for though.
Central California
 Best Release On The Market
Comments: Very, Very easy to attach to line and the once the release is adjusted there is never a problem.
NE Tennessee
 Best thing since sliced bread.
Pros: Light trip tension, Heavy rod tension
Comments: This is seriously the answer to any downrigger release issues. I can set my rod tension very high and still have a small lake trout trip the release. I had always used Cannon pinch style releases before but it was hard to get enough tension to hold the rod and still have a small fish trip the release. Try one of these and you'll not be disappointed.
Grand Haven, Michigan
 Vera nice release
Pros: Easy To Use, no line damage, No shakers
Comments: I really like these releases. I use them for Salmon and trout in lake Michigan.
Hookjaw for Life
Northeast, Pa
 Cant't argue with perfection
Pros: awesome line tension, sensitive release, no line damage, well constructed, easy to use
Comments: Ball down.......rod on!! I need to stock up on enough of these to last a lifetime. I've been a trophy brown trout hunter for a long time and have logged many hour on the water. These releases are hands down the best I have ever used. They allow you to bend your rod right to the water and you can set the trip mechanism for a minnow. Tension on the line = better hook sets and no more pulling around the baby with the big appetite. I never write reviews but I like this product so much I felt compelled to give it my thumbs up. Can't wait to try the stackers as well.
 Chamberlain worth $
Pros: Great for the light bite, Easy To Install
Cons: Tough reach
Best Uses: Small Boats
Comments: Good release. Easy to adjust and tune. Tough reach if dont have pivot base in dr. false releases!!!!
Pros: Simple, Reliable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Adjust light for Kokanee
Comments: Preset the releases at home for light bite smaller trout while loading up the downrigger rods. On the lake and easy to set......releases popped off on all bites...yet held on while bouncing through waves and other boat wakes. All an all these are great and have cleaned up the lanaguage on my boat!!!!! So....less time complaining and more time "catching" fish. Very impressed and would recommend to all who have had downrigger release headaches.
Best Release on the Market
Pros: Great for the light bite
Cons: Have not found one yet
Best Uses: With any downrigger
Comments: I have been using the Chamberlain release for three season and by far the best. The dual tension trips on even small fish and no more false releases. It easy to setup and adjust.... I do not leave home without them.
 Be all & end all of freshwater releases
Pros: the best
Best Uses: freshwater
Comments: I suggest you buy try every other downrigger release clip available and troll test them extensively before you buy a Chamberlain release...then you will know just how good the Chamberlain releases are above the others. I set my Chamberlains with a small pocket scale and they break clean everytime all the time, adjustable on both magnetic release hookset and friction line release these are THE BEST!....Buy them from the best tackle shop in the
 AWESOME Product!
Pros: Easy To Use, Limits false trips, Quality Construction, Great Adjustment Possible
Cons: Have not found one yet
Best Uses: Any Downrigger application, With any downrigger, Adjust light for Kokanee
Comments: Excellent! Purchased 2 after fishing with a friend for Kokanee fishing in ID. Easy to set up and adjust. Took a few trolling runs to get them dialed in. I found for the trout we were after, to set the verticle tight and the horzontial light to medium. Spot on! Construction is great, easy to rig. No false releases due to higher speeds or strikes.
Northwest CT
Advanced Angler
Good product
Pros: Quality Construction
Comments: Works very well especially when smaller fish strike
Newberg, Oregon
Advanced Angler
 Great Release for Downrigger
Pros: Easy To Install, Quality Construction, Easy To Use
Cons: Have to reach to cable, Not for long booms
Best Uses: Adjust more tension rod, Adjust light for Kokanee
Comments: With two adjustments I was able to set light for Kokanee and a little more for the line to rod. In the past the light set would end up with the line poping out of the clip. With the Chamberlin release I got a pretty good combination of light take for small fish and enough tension to keep the line to rod tight. The only thing I noticed that was a pain was that I had to reach for the cable and pull it back and get the line in the clip. My brother in law twice couldn't get the line to release. He had snapped the line down in the wrong spot and wouldn't pull loose. Line has to be in the V of the clip to work.
Conneaut PA
Advanced Angler
 Simply The Best
Pros: Easy To Use, Quality Construction
Comments: The ability to set two different release settings allows small fish to trip the release.
Chatham, Michigan
 Great product! The only release for me
Pros: Easy To Install, Easy To Use, Great for the light bite
Best Uses: Large Boats, Any Downrigger applicatio, Small Boats
Comments: Let's me catch light biting walleyes as well as hard hitting Salmon. No more towing around small fish without knowing. Set it right and this one will release?
R. Smith
Advanced Angler
 Chamberlain releases
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: See comments
Best Uses: Small Boats, Large Boats
Comments: The Chamberlain release are the best I've used. Having two adjustments allow you to load up the rod (vertically)while keeping the fish strike (horizontal)adjustment light. The result is fewer false trips and more hookups. If you get a release you can almost bet its a fish instead of a nuisance trip. Allows you to keep fishing with your lure presentation in the water instead of spending extra time to reset false releases. ....and more time with your lure in the water means more fish! If I had one gripe it would be that the center slide wire could be heavier and stiffer material. I'm constantly bending the clip release and wire out of shape slinging heavy downrigger balls around the boat.
Rough House
Professional Angler
Great Product
Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Use, Quality Construction, Easy To Install
Best Uses: Small Boats, Downrigging, Large Boats
Comments: The Chamberlain downrigger releases are the best that I have used. Great Product!!!
Rum Runner
Louisville, KY.
Advanced Angler
Best Release That I've Ever Used
Pros: Quality Construction, Easy To Use, Limits false trips, Easy To Install
Comments: Quick, easy, effective!
Advanced Angler
 Innovative design
Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Install, Quality Construction, Easy To Use
Cons: Pricey
Comments: With the dual axis tension adjustments you can set the horizontal tension light so it will trigger when a junk fish is on. However, you can also tighten down the vertical tension so you can crank your rigger rods down tight without accidentally releasing. They work well and in my opinion are worth the extra $$$.
Fishin For Life
Orange, MA
Advanced Angler
 Best Release I've Ever Used...
Pros: Great Adjustment Possible, Easy To Use, Easy To Install, Quality Construction
Best Uses: Small Boats, Large Boats, Heavy Release, Medium Release, Light Release
Comments: THis product is by far the best light release with consistent fail safe setting I have ever used. I just returned from an Ontario Trip for King Salmon and it worked great for the BIG water as well! Great Product and
The Beaver
Syracuse, NY
Advanced Angler
 Worked like a dream
Pros: Easy To Use, Quality Construction
Best Uses: With any downrigger
Comments: Bolted a pair of Big John Captain packs onto the boat for some extra fun. Bought a few different release styles to try out. Both worked well but I think these were easier to adjust and they allowed a vertical and horizontal configuration that helps when setting trip weight. Have been told a trigger scale is handy for setting up.
Advanced Angler
 Great release
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Pontoon Boats, Large Boats, Small Boats
Comments: Great release,even perch can trip it
Advanced Angler
The best ever.
Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Install, Quality Construction, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Personal Watercraft, Large Boats, Small Boats, Pontoon Boats
Comments: This is by far the best release out there.
Peru, NY
Advanced Angler
great release
Pros: Easy To Use
Comments: this release is the best I have used in years. No more trolling small fish without a release, I catch more fish with these releases....
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