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Cannon Mag 20 DT/HS Electric Downrigger
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Cannon Mag 20 DT/HS Electric Downrigger

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Item #: F81111151
This product is no longer available.

Please consider our similar products, or contact us for available options.

Cannon Magnum 20 DT/HS
Electric Downrigger

The updated Cannon Mag 20 downrigger has all the features of the old Mag 20 with several new features designed to make the anglers life easier - such as the larger spool design which provides a much faster weight retrieve and the worry-free IP68 waterproof power connection. The new CannonLink option allows you to operate up to six Mag 20's together via your Hummingbird fishfinder. You'll see were the fish are and instantly be able to adjust the depth without losing boat control or speed.

The Mag 20 DT/HS incorporates Cannon's Positive Ion Control (PIC) technology. PIC is based on the fact that when the metal components of a boat - such as the motor and downrigger cable - contact the water, they create a steady but unpredictable electrical charge in the water. The strength and type of charge varies greatly depending on the different types of metals contacting the water and the mineral content or conductivity of the water. Since fish are attracted by a slight positive charge and repelled by a strong positive or a negative charge, generating and controlling the correct charge can be critical to the success of your fishing. Only Cannon electric downriggers send a slight constant positive charge down the cable to attract fish to your bait or lure.

These downriggers also include Cannon's "Short Stop." With a quick touch on the Auto-Up pad, and the weight rockets toward the surface. As the weight nears the top of the water, Soft-Stop automatically slows the retrieve rate to prevent stress on the cable. Then just before the weight breaks surface, Short-Stop automatically stops the rigger, leaving the weight safely below the surface to prevent free swinging.

You also get $10 off a ">Cannon dual rod holder (front or rear style) with each Mag 20 DT/HS downrigger ordered. (You must order the rod holders on the same order as the downriggers).

Additional features of these downriggers include the following:
  • CannonLink (with optional module, sold separately)
  • Strong, compact 10 amp low-draw motor
  • Positive Ion Control system
  • Heavy-duty 24"-53" telescopic boom
  • Easy-to-read three digit depth counter
  • Short-Stop safety
  • Dual rod holder
  • Two line releases
  • Weight storage hook
  • 400 feet of 150 pound test camo stainless steel cable
  • Low-profile swivel base
  • Power cables with IP68 waterproof connector
  • "How to Mount, How to Use" booklet
  • Saltwater resistant construction
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Mag 20 DT/HS downriggers take an additional 2 to 5 days to ship. These downriggers ship for our standard flat-rate shipping charge of only $6.95 (except to Alaska or Hawaii or outside the U.S.A.; please see our Sales Terms for details). They may ship by ground delivery so please allow additional time for delivery.

This Cannon Mag 20 DT/HS downrigger is Cannon part #1902200.

The Mag 20 DT/HS CannonLink Module (Hummingbird part #406930-1) is available through special order only. Please contact us at 1-800-922-1219 for pricing and availability.

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