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The Booyah Pond Magic are smaller than standard spinnerbaits, but fail to fall short when it comes to catching fish. These spinnerbaits feature specialized color and blade combinations that match the forage fish often found in shallow waters.

The Booyah Pond Magic is constructed with premium components; a 2/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook, 60 strand ultra fine silicone skirt, a size 0 colorado blade, and a size 3 willow leaf blade.

At 3/16 oz. the Booyah Pond Magic is perfect for early spring fishing, or whenever the fish are being overly selective on what they will strike.


Customer Reviews
New Hampshire
 Good lure
Pros: Good design, runs true, works most water conditions
Cons: cheap split rings, need to swap out the stock blade for optimum performance
Comments: I swapped out the willow leaf blade for a diamond pattern Colorado blade as I do with all my smaller spinnerbaits. Caught two chain pickerel, one black crappie and a yellow perch first time using it on the water.
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