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Color: Brown Trout
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Minnow
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver
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Color: Brown Trout
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Minnow
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin

$4.75 - $5.15
Sale $4.04 - $4.38

Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin lures offer anglers the flash and attraction of a traditional inline spinner with the life-like action of a balsa minnow lure. Vibrax Minnow Spin Lures have proven deadly for trout, bass, panfish and many other species. These lures feature a steady sink rate, which allows the angler to target fish holding at any level in the water column.


Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin
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Decatur, IN
 Not just for trout
Pros: Catches all species
Cons: Not big enough
Best Uses: All fish
Comments: I caught two walleyes and a bass on my first time out with the firetiger color. I'm sure this bait will catch pike as well. I just wish it came in a larger size, I'm afraid the pike might be a little rough on this little guy. A 1/2 oz. model that's about 4 inches long would be perfect for bigger fish.
United States
 Very Well Made.
Comments: These lures are very well made. Blue Fox is owned by Rapala. These lures are a Rapala 2 minus the plastic lip plus an inline spinner. The balsa wood combined with the weight of spinner keeps this lure suspended at a nice depth. I believe they are made in Estonia.
Rob Codger
When you have the right lure, you can catch some fish.
Pros: catches fish
Cons: fairly expensive to lose
Comments: I went with my son to Wyoming a year or so ago. We hadn't really planned on going but we ended up there with borrowed fishing gear from my daughter's bf. In the mix was the trout version of this lure. Over the next couple of days, whomever had this lure was catching a lot of trout. The other fisherman using other stuff only caught a few. I would bet we got about a dozen fish and this lure got 80%. We're going back this year so I stocked up, in case this is the hot product again.
Dumfries, VA
 Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin Lures are "Da Bomb" for Trout
Pros: Good action, Excellent Detail
Comments: I participated in early trout season fishing in northern VA, hitting one of the local lakes that is stocked by VDGIF with trout. I fished for almost an hour with various spinners and other lures, but it wasn't until I put the silver & black Blue Fox Vibrax "Minnow Spin" (which I've had in my tackle box for about 20 years) that I started to get strikes and land nice 12"-14" trout. I loved the action of the Minnow Spin, especially on the light 4-6 lb line I was using, and the flash, vibration, and minnow shape definitely helped get the trout's attention in the somewhat murky spring thaw waters. Unfortunately I lost the lure to a snag after catching three nice trout...but that's OK, I purchased several more from and am once again ready to do battle!
United States
 Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin Lures
Pros: Excellent Detail, Good action
Cons: A little pricey
Comments: Have only fished this lure a couple of times now, and have not caught anything with it, but I expect it to do better in the warmer months. Decent castability, and it appears to run true. good graphics, looks like a real minnow, I think it will be a winner down the road.
NE Pa.
 Just what I needed
Pros: Vibrax Minnow
Comments: Just the ticket for rainbows in the lake I fish. The colder the water the slower you reel.
 Works every time!!!!
Pros: Great action, Affordable
Best Uses: Rivers, Lakes
Comments: Works every time, best lure for trout
Newport News
 Blue Fox
Comments: We fished a day in Newport News Va and we were catching fish cast after cast. This is the only bait we used and out of about 10 people we were the only ones catching fish. I caught my limit with two brown trout that were 18 and 19 inches long. I then hand my pole and lure to my wife and she caught her limit and she caught about 15 trout all in about 1 hour. Awesome bait I would recommend you buy them up if your trying to catch your limit of trout.
Ontario, Canada
 Banging bass & pike all day long!
Pros: Excellent Detail, Smooth motion
Comments: Realing in at any speed and in any depth of 12" or deeper, fish just can't seem to resist the smooth spinning motion of these lures. When the fish bite, you have a catch - I have only experienced a couple of times in where the fish got of the hook. Thinking about it, all my catches (approx 40-50) this year have come by way of the blue fox lures.
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