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The Blood Run Cadence Ice Line is the ice line that all the ice fishing anglers have been waiting for. With 3 different colors to choose from, Blood Run Cadence Ice Line has you covered no matter what the conditions are.

The Blood Run Cadence Ice BLUE Line is designed to be used outside the shelter in sunnier conditions. It has high visibility and is an anti-freezing line. While other lines tend to stiffen up in the cold, this anti-memory non freezing line won't leave you hanging.

The Blood Run Cadence Ice GOLD Line is a buoyant-neutral line. It coils up under the water when a fish is on or goes straight to the bottom if there is nothing down the hole. The gold color allows for high-visibility inside dark shelters which makes detecting sensitive bites easier.

The Blood Run Cadence Ice SOLAR Line works great if you are fishing outside in the dark. The effect from this translucent solar yellow line allows for high-visibility during overcast or cloudy conditions.

The Blood Run Cadence Ice Line comes in 100 yard spools.


Not good!!
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I used this product and did not like it at all, it seemed to have a memory issue and I broke many jigs off fishing for pan fish on the initial hook set, this was the 2 lb.
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