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The Black's Downrigger Release Clip is made with the "Ring & Snap" attaching bar for the ease and convenience of the angler to simply snap the clip in place on a downrigger. This release adapts for use in slider and stacking situations on the downrigger. It has an adjustable tension screw.

This release includes the spinning attachment bar made of heavy-duty wire. The body of the release is made of highly durable, flexible plastic and stainless steel.

Each package contains one release.

The Black's Downrigger Release Clip is made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews
Black's downrigger release clip
Pros: Easy and quick to adjust, Works great every time, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: Black's release are probably the best on the market. I have tried quite a few and these work under most types of trolling with different rigs and lines.
Well made- Easy to use
Comments: If your tired of using pinch pads.. these are very well made, if you want to use this product as a stacker, it beats out Chamberlain.. here's why.. to stack this product, you clip the wire and remove, thread your DR line/wire (this is where using braid is a plus) through, it will slide nicely, simply use a split shot and crimp on the DR line to keep it at desired depth. The directions say to use toothpicks, I'm gonna use a small split shot.. The Black product also wont accidentally come lose from the DR line. The Chamberlain could.. there goes $20 release down the bottom of the lake.. The Black product wins hands down.. I honestly cant understand why Chamberlain does not put a safety clip on it's product to secure it to the DR line,, just in case it slips off.. Nice work Black Marine..
New Jersey
 The best of its type
Comments: Never had a problem using these releases. The ability to precisely set the release for all types of gamefish is what keeps me supplied in them.
Cast Away
Erie PA
 great release
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I use this release with a rubber band for salmon fishing and it works great
Panama City,FL
 Works every time
Pros: Works great every time, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Salt Water
Comments: I use it on my downrigger during king mackerel tournaments. It never let me down!
south carolina
 great clip!
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Comments: Great
The Beaver
Syracuse, NY
 Used on recent charter
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Went on a recent Lake Ontario charter and the captain had nothing bad to say about them so I bought a pair to use with my new downriggers. I do a lot of fishing on Onieda lake for Walleyes and I'm hoping to get these tuned up right for that application. I been told to buy a trigger scale to help set-up the release for consistent trip weights.
Colorado Springs, CO
 Sturdy, Easy to use, and most reasonable
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Used in up/down works well for fish aroud 2 lb category. Use in paralell will release more easily for all sizes of fish. The adjustment is smooth to turn does an excellent job.
Clinton SC
 great repease clip
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I have other clips but none release as easily as this. Wanted a clip with light release ability for downrigging pan fish. All others I tried would not release on small fish. This works great with a 10 foot UL rod. Loads of fun.
Dearborn, Michigan
 I'd buy and use these releases again.
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: I use the Black's Downrigger releases on my downriggers for salmon and trout. They're made of stainles steel and won't corrode.
Watkins Glen, N.Y.
 Simple and effective
Pros: Easy and quick to adjust, Durable, Functional, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Downrigger trolling, Fresh Water
Comments: The tension adjusts easliy. Once you are used to it, you can lock your line in using one hand. Quick and easy! The only release I'll use.
Cary, NC
 Makes Connecting line easy
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: Easy Line Hookup
Riegelsville, PA
 great release
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: These are great releases. I've switched from pinch pads for good.
Conneaut Lake, PA
 Great Clip!! Would recommend.
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I bought a couple of other clips at Gander Mtn and they broke the first time I used them. These are a little more money, but worth it. They are very durable and easy to use!
great lakes fishing
 downrigger releases
Pros: The best release
Comments: Simply the best downrigger release. Crank them down for salmon loosen them for small light hitting walleye. Use rubber bands with them if you want a strike indicator or for dragging fish.
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