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Berkley Trilene Transoptic Monofilament Line is the first and only nylon monofilament fishing line to physically change color! It’s the line-watchers line. You see the line, the fish don't!

Trilene Transoptic features a proprietary transition technology which is activated by UV light. Transoptic changes from clear to gold in sunlight and overcast conditions. UV light begins to filter out the farther down the water column it goes, causing this line to return to its clear color after a few feet of water depth. This color changing line is the perfect answer for the angler in search of a hi-vis line that won't spook fish.

The following pictures show Trilene Transoptic on spinning reel spool. The clear color picture was taken just after the spool was filled indoors. The gold color picture was taken after 25 seconds of exposure to sunlight.


Berkley Trilene Transoptic Monofilament Line has the durability and abrasion resistance of Trilene XT and the smooth casting qualities of Trilene XL. Its high performance shock strength holds strong under hard hooksets, yet relaxes on the spools of spinning and casting reels.

We stock Berkley Trilene Transoptic in Clear/Gold in 6 to 25 pound tests. All spools are 220 yard.

Line diameters can be seen under the "Specifications" tab above.

Review Summary
(12 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.83%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (10)
Strong (9)
Good For Variety Of Fish (9)
Easy To Handle (9)
Easy To Store (4)
Looks Realistic (3)
Limited Use (2)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (10)
Trolling (6)
Shore Casting (5)
Deep Water (4)
Jigging (3)

Customer Reviews
Pereira- Colombia
Pros: 100% reliable, excellent fishing.
Best Uses: rivers and lakes
Comments: Since knowledge berkley Trilene not change, is a guarantee of good fishing, very reliable and transparent in water. I recommend it to all ...
Jeff M.
 Great Results
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Trolling, Fresh Water, Jigging
Comments: Used this specifically for drift fishing salmon on Idaho's Salmon River. Works great when many anglers are fishing the same hole. Line is transparent under water and bright above. Great design.
ray the fisherman
Bergen new york
 ray's gone fishin
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Jigging, Deep Water, Shore Casting, Trolling, Fresh Water
Comments: I fish for all kind;s of fish and I use this line for all of them. I love the way you can see the line and it disapeers under the water so fish can't see it. I use 8# 10# 12# 15# and 25# test line I would recomend it to any one.
Top trout man
Cheshire England U/K
 Top Line
Pros: Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water
Comments: I think this line brilliant when fishing for trout esp rainbows they just dont see it they are not spooked and feed avidly
Vinnie The Tarpon
Fort Washington, MD.
Professional Angler
"Now That's The Stuff"
Pros: Strong, Looks Realistic, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Irresistible to Fish, Good For Variety Of Fish, An extremely long cast
Cons: I haven't any
Best Uses: Fighting Heavy Fish, Jigging, Deep Water, Fresh Water, Trolling, Ice Fishing, Salt Water, Shore Casting
Comments: On each of my tournaments that I win, I always look for that one reason that won it. On my last winning tournament it went without debate that the Transoptic was the victory reason. With the correct heavy fish argument plan, the Transoptic just won't break, snap, split, crack... nothing!!!. If you're a pro-angler or professional fisherman, you'll fully acknowledge how to handle a huge and heavy fish with a titanic fight which at times you'll wish you were fighting a human... not a fish!. It's like having 2 anglers retrieving the fish, you and Berkley Trilene against the fish... you just can't miss with Berkley Trilene's Transoptic Mono Line!. Not including the other numerous qualities that the Transoptic obtains, this line is as well surpurb for crankbaits and plugs. The only one that disagrees with me on this is the 72lb, 9oz Gar that won me grand prize in my last Gar tournament in 2009. By my using the Transoptic in my next 2011 Tarpon tournament, this one's in the bag, and that my friends... ain't no ghost story!!!. As many Berkley products that I've used in my 49 years of fishing, and I'm 54 years in vintage... you have my word that Berkley Trilene stands behind each of their items. Happy Fishing!!!
Cons: Difficult to Handle, Limited Use, Poor Construction, Breaks easy
Comments: it is ok for small fish like trout but when u hook on to a big stealhead or salmon it does not stand a chance
Pros: VERY VISIBLE, Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Trolling, Shore Casting, Fresh Water
Port Orchard, Washington
Hogwash on visability
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Fresh Water
Comments: I like the line but it is not a high visability line. If you want a good line with visability I recomend Berkley FireLine Tracer Braid. It is very strong, light, and has alternating high and low visability. Once you use it you will not want anything but this line.
Bozeman, Montana
 Finicky Fish Aren't a Problem
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: Trolling crystal clear water is where this line really performs well.
back to berkley again
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Strong
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Deep Water, Fresh Water, Fishing hardware
Comments: fish for salmon/steelhead with spinners&spoons line is fairly easy to follow and strong and supple i mainly use maxima because many years ago all i used was berkley but had a weekend where i lost too many fish due to bad line it was fresh to, so now i've come full circle back to berkley pretty happy so far haven't lost any fish yet also found that line visability out of water in direct sun sometimes hard to see but easier than other monos w/out having to add clear leader
Tok, Alaska
 I have been very with Berley for years.
Pros: Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Cons: Limited Use
Best Uses: Salt Water, Fresh Water
Comments: I have been looking for a line that is hard to see and limp. Salmon are hard to get hooked. This will be the first time I have used Berkly Transoptic Mono, but living in Alaska with a foot of snow and 20 below, I will have to wait until spring to give you an intelligent opinion of this product. I hope it is as good for my salmon fishing as your ads. I will attempt to get back to you come June. Thanks. Jim Marsh..
Wellington, Ohio
This line is the ticket!
Pros: Looks Realistic, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: I absolutely LOVE this line. I fish for a variety of species, including: Walleye Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Catfish and many more. I plan to line all of my rods with this stuff.
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