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Feel More Bites, Catch More Fish! - Fish hold onto Power Bait 18 times longer than ordinary plastic bait. Power Bait is 100% fortified with the most advanced scent and flavors ever developed to catch fish.

The Berkley PowerBait 4" Power Worm is Berkley's most popular Power Bait shape. The tail design of the Power Worm lets it swim naturally on the fall, with twitches, short hops, or from currents when lying motionless. This bait is ideal for all your favorite fishing lakes, rivers, streams and conditions.

We stock these Power Worms in the colors shown in the table below:

BlackBlack/ChartreuseBlue Fleck
Black (BLK)Black/Chartreuse (BC)Blue Fleck (BF)

PumpkinseedRed ShadTequila Sunrise
Pumpkinseed (PS)Red Shad (RS) Tequila Sunrise (TS)

These Power Worms are Part No. MPWA4, and come packaged 12 worms per bag.

Customer Reviews
 Excellent Bait!!!
Comments: Fish,seem to inhale,this worm,then hold on for dear life,set the hook,then you hold on!!!
Lancaster PA
 berkley 4 inch power worms
Comments: I have tried every 4 inch worm out there and these are the best! I use them with a pro series SLIDER hook.smallmouth and largemouth bass love them!
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