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Berkley Havoc 4" Smash Tube

Berkley Havoc baits are the product of Berkley scientists working with some of today's top professional bass anglers to design a whole new line up of soft baits, based on each anglers favorite fishing styles and techniques. Each unique bait is designed with specific actions that will give these anglers the edge to catch more fish and win tournaments.

The Berkley Havoc 4" Smash Tube was designed by professional angler Mike Iaconelli. The Smash Tube glides erratically, often triggering strikes on the fall. The 4" size matches a wide array of forage options. The Berkley Havoc 4" Smash Tube fishes equally well in heavy cover and open water. Fatter tentacles featured on the Smash Tube displace more water than traditional tube baits. The flattened body design makes for easier hook penetration.

We stock these baits in the colors shown in the table below. Each package contains 6 baits.

Bruise (BRU)Just Norm (JN)Newman (NM)
Bruise (BRU)Just Norm (JN)Newman (NM)

Norm Blue (NBL)Red Rum (RR)Roulette (RL)
Norm Blue (NBL)Red Rum (RR)Roulette (RL)

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Customer Reviews
bigfishing nj
New Jersey
Pros: great water movement
Comments: This is the best tube on the market today,I fished many other brands out there,but nothing moves and performs as well as this smash tube does. You can use this bait in any condition that your fishing..
Northern IL
 Back and blue all over
Pros: Must have
Best Uses: Bass fishing
Comments: Call this bass attack tube. Works real good. Slow pumping motion.
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