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Berkley Havoc baits are the product of Berkley scientists working with some of today's top professional bass anglers. Together they have designed a whole new line up of soft baits, based on each angler's favorite fishing styles and techniques. Each unique bait is designed with specific actions that will give these anglers the edge to catch more fish and win tournaments.

The Berkley Havoc Grass Pig was designed by professional angler, Bobby Lane. Bobby designed the Grass Pig as a swim bait that can be rigged multiple ways. Fish it on a weighted swimbait hook, on a Florida rig, on an offset wide gap hook, or on a jighead. This bait design allows you to swim it as slow as you want and it still produces an irresistible wiggle that triggers aggressive strikes. Fish the Grass Pig over weed lines or down deep to find suspended or bottom dwelling monster bass. These baits are formulated with a special soft plastic formula and feature no scent, so favorite scents and attractants can be added.

Each package contains six baits.

Berkley Havoc Grass Pigs are made in the U.S.A.

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Good Tail Action (2)
only lasts for two or three fish (2)
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Swim over thru grass (2)

Customer Reviews
Richmond Hill, GA.
 Grass Pig 5"
Pros: Good Tail Action
Cons: only lasts for two or three fish
Best Uses: Swim over thru grass
Comments: I have been using the Grass Pig in the Chartreuse Silver Flake and Swamp Gas colors for Red fish in the grass with very good results. It has the weight to fall through heavy grass and has great action.
Door County Wisconsin
 Walleye fishing with the Berkly Grass Pig
Pros: Swims great through the water
Cons: only lasts for two or three fish
Best Uses: Swimming through the wtaer column
Comments: After filming and fishing with Doug Stange with In Fisherman television and magazine and being introduced to this product I was definately hooked on there effectiveness for catching big Walleyes. I live and fish on the great Lakes and catch big Walleyes using many different baits and presentations but this bait was one of my favorite new baits this year accounting for many big Walleyes. I generally fish them from 15 to 25 FOW on a 1/2 to 3/4 oz jig head swimming them close to the bottom. So for all of you walleye anglers out there give this bait a try this up coming season. Paul Delaney
Fort Myers,Florida
 Excellent Swimbait
Pros: Runs True, Casts well, Catches fish, Good Tail Action
Best Uses: Swim over thru grass
Comments: I rig the bait on a 5/0 wide gap hook with a 1/16 to 1/8 weight on braided line, 7 ft. rod, high speed reel. The bait is fairly soft so when bit just lower rod tip for a second or two then set hook.
Fort Myers Florida
 will buy product again
Comments: Good bait for swimming around and thru grass, they eat it up!
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