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Berkley Havoc baits are the product of Berkley scientists working with some of today's top professional bass anglers. Together they have designed a whole new line up of soft baits, based on each angler's favorite fishing styles and techniques. Each unique bait is designed with specific actions that will give these anglers the edge to catch more fish and win tournaments.

The Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty was designed by professional angler, Bobby Lane. Bobby designed the Craw Fatty with bigger ribs and a wider, flat body. This design increases action and allows for flawless hook sets. The Craw Fatty can be flipped, pitched, punched, Texas, or Carolina rigged or used as a trailer bait. These baits are formulated with a special soft plastic formula and feature no scent, so favorite scents and attractants can be added.

Each package contains eight baits.

The Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty is made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews
Jack the Guideman
Bluffton, South Carolina
 Berkley Craw Fatty
Pros: Very realistic bait, Fish will eat these lures, Good on Carolina Rig, Every color available, Works well on Jig head, Can use on Texas Rig, Great as jig trailer
Cons: Can't think of any cons
Best Uses: Any presentation works, Where ever crawfish are
Comments: I have used Berkley Power Baits in every form that they are made. I have found that ALL species of fish will eat these baits without any hesitation. Whatever Berkley has discovered in making these immitations, the fish have read the book and clearly follow the instructions to the letter. I have had great success with these in Canada, the Midwest, the Ozarks and the Southeast.
Fort Myers Florida
 One Great Craw
Comments: One of the best craw baits I've ever used
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