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The Berkley Gulp! 7" Super Worm is an exact duplicate, and has all of the same features and benefits as the legenday 7" PowerBait Power Worm. The big difference is that the Super Worm is made with the Gulp! 100% biodegradable formula, which creates a much broader scent trail in the water, and outcatches all other baits...period!

We stock this bait in all available colors, which are shown in the table below.

BlackBlue FleckGreen PumpkinWatermelon
Black (BL)Blue Fleck (BF)Green Pumkin (GP)Watermelon (WM)

Please note we can no longer ship Gulp! Alive or Gulp! baits to Australia or New Zealand because of customs import restrictions. AU and NZ customs demand a list of ingredients for the baits, which is proprietary information that Berkley will not disclose. Due to this fact, we must cancel any order for these baits to the above countries. Thanks for your understanding.

Produces big smallmouth bittes
Owensboro, KY
About Me:
Avid Fisher
The worm was most effective Texas rigged in the canal current between KY and Barkley Lakes. It is important to work the "bottom" rip rap. This will cause you to lose some rigs, but the results will be amazing.
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Easy To Store, The scent is is effective, Irresistible to Fish
Cons: none
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Most ffective in current, Fresh Water
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